Dobričin prsten

The Dobričin prsten award (Serbian Cyrillic: Добричин прстен) is the life-achievement award for theatrical acting, considered the most distinguished one in the Serbian theater.

Dobričin prsten
Добричин прстен
Date1980 (1980)–present
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The name of the award (ring of Dobrica) refers to the golden ring awarded to one of the most prominent actors in the history of the Serbian theater, Dobrica Multinović (1880–1956), in 1937 by the Association of the actors of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.

Laureate is chosen by the voting of the 7-members jury of the Union of the drama artists of Serbia. The award consists of the golden copy of the ring, diploma on parchment and a monograph on the laureate's career.

It has been awarded since 1980, yearly 1980-84 and 1994-2012 and biennially 1984-94 and since 2012. Laureate is named in October and receives the award in the January of the next year.



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