Rahela Ferari

Bella Rochel Fraynd (Serbian Cyrillic: Бела Рохел Фраjнд; 27 August 1911 – 12 February 1994), known as Rahela Ferari (Serbian Cyrillic: Рахела Ферари), was a Serbian actress who appeared in more than ninety films from 1951 to 1993. She was of Ashkenazi (Jewish) origin.

Rahela Ferari
Rahela Ferari 2007 Serbian stamp.jpg
Born(1911-08-27)27 August 1911
Died12 February 1994(1994-02-12) (aged 82)
Years active1951-1993

Selected filmographyEdit

Year Title Role Notes
1987 The Harms Case
1984 Strangler vs. Strangler Pera's mother
1982 A Tight Spot Mita's mother
1978 The Tiger Gospođa Hadžirakić
1967 I Even Met Happy Gypsies Igumanija
1960 The Fourteenth Day Sofija
1953 Perfidy Mare


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