Dnieper estuary

The Dnieper estuary or Dnieper liman (Ukrainian: Дніпровський лиман) is an open, brackish estuary on the north coast of the Black Sea, in southern Ukraine. The main port is Ochakiv. The estuary is 55 km long and 17 km wide. Its average depth is 6 m to 7 m; it is at its deepest (12 m) at Stanislav hole.

Dnieper estuary
Dnieper Estuary coast.jpg
Dnieper estuary coast near Ochakiv
Dnieper estuary is located in Ukraine
Dnieper estuary
Dnieper estuary
Coordinates46°34′N 31°57′E / 46.567°N 31.950°E / 46.567; 31.950Coordinates: 46°34′N 31°57′E / 46.567°N 31.950°E / 46.567; 31.950
Primary inflowsDnieper
Basin countriesUkraine
Max. length55 km (34 mi)
Max. width17 km (11 mi)
Average depth6–7 m (20–23 ft)
Max. depth12 m (39 ft)

The estuary is connected to the Black Sea by the 3.6-km wide strait (between Ochakiv Cape and Kinburn Spit). The southern coast of the estuary is low and sandy; the northern coast is mainly cliffs (about 20 m to 35 m high).

The Dnieper estuary and the Bug estuary together make the Dnieper–Bug estuary.