Bug estuary (Ukrainian: Бузький лиман) is an estuary of the Southern Bug. It is 82 km long and up to 11 km wide. Together with the Dnieper estuary makes Dnieper–Bug estuary. The city of Mykolaiv is located on the Bug estuary.

Bug estuary
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Satellite view of the Bug estuary
Bug estuary is located in Ukraine
Bug estuary
Bug estuary
Coordinates46°52′N 31°59′E / 46.867°N 31.983°E / 46.867; 31.983Coordinates: 46°52′N 31°59′E / 46.867°N 31.983°E / 46.867; 31.983
Primary inflowsSouthern Bug
Basin countriesUkraine
Max. length82 km (51 mi)
Max. width11 km (6.8 mi)