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Diving at the 2004 Summer Olympics – Women's synchronized 3 metre springboard

The women's synchronized 3 metre springboard was one of eight diving events included in the Diving at the 2004 Summer Olympics programme.

Women's synchronized 3 metre springboard
at the Games of the XXVIII Olympiad
1st, gold medalist(s) Wu Minxia,
Guo Jingjing
2nd, silver medalist(s) Vera Ilina,
Ioulia Pakhalina
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Irina Lashko,
Chantelle Newbery
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The competition was held as an outright final:

14 August — Each pair of divers performed five dives freely chosen from the five diving groups, with two dives limited to a 2.0 degree of difficulty and the others without limitation. Divers could perform different dives during the same dive if both presented the same difficulty degree. The final ranking was determined by the score attained by the pair after all five dives had been performed.


Rank Divers Country Final score
after five dives
Score after
four dives
Rank after
four dives
  Wu Minxia
and Guo Jingjing
  China 336.90 261.30 1
  Vera Ilina
and Ioulia Pakhalina
  Russia 330.84 248.04 2
  Irina Lashko
and Chantelle Newbery
  Australia 309.30 242.70 3
4 Tandi Gerrard
and Jane Smith
  Great Britain 302.25 235.83 4
5 Laura Sánchez
and Paola Espinosa
  Mexico 286.92 228.12 5
6 Ditte Kotzian
and Conny Schmalfuss
  Germany 279.69 213.09 7
7 Blythe Hartley
and Émilie Heymans
  Canada 276.90 218.10 6
8 Diamantina Georgatou
and Sotiria Koutsopetrou
  Greece 270.33 211.53 8


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