Dimitrie Brândză

Dimitrie Brândză

Dimitrie Brândză (Romanian pronunciation: [diˈmitri.e ˈbrɨnzə]; 1846 – 1895) was a Romanian botanist. He founded the Botanical Garden of Bucharest which is now named in his honor.

He was a professor at the University of Iaşi and the University of Bucharest, as well as a member of the Romanian Academy.

He is buried in Bellu cemetery.

Taxa named in honourEdit

There are number of plants with specific name brandzae. Including; Iris brandzae, Agropyron brandzae Pantu & Solacolu.[2] and Verbascum glabratum subsp. brandzae.[3]

Also a mussel in the Unionidae family is named, Potomida brandzae (Sabba Stefanescu, 1896).[4]


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