Dick Figures

Dick Figures is an American adult animated comedy web-series created by Ed Skudder and Zack Keller.[1] The series, featuring two humanlike stick figures named Red and Blue who are best friends, aired for the first time on November 18, 2010.[2] Episodes, which are typically under 4-minutes in length, are distributed on YouTube by Mondo Media.[3][4] The series is aimed at mature audiences.[5] In 2012, Keller was nominated for an Annie Award for Directing in an Animated Television/Broadcast Production for the episode titled "Kung Fu Winners".[6]

Dick Figures
Dick Figures screengrab of Losing Streakers Episode.jpg
Red and Blue in the episode "Losing Streakers"
Created byEd Skudder
Zack Keller
Written byEd Skudder
Zack Keller
Directed byEd Skudder
Zack Keller
Voices of
  • Ed Skudder
  • Zack Keller
  • Shea Carter
  • Lauren Kay Sokolov
  • Ben Tuller
  • Mike Nassar
  • Chad Quandt
Theme music composerEd Skudder
ComposersNick Keller
Ed Skudder
Nick Ainsworth
Country of originUnited States
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons6
No. of episodes54 (List of episodes)
Executive producerChapman Maddox
  • Ed Skudder (lead)
  • Marius Alecse (S1-2)
  • Nick Butera (S1-3)
  • John Dusenberry
  • Dan Forgione
  • Brock Gallagher
  • Adam Rosette (S1-3)
  • Lynn Wang (S3-)
EditorZack Keller
Running time2–5 minutes
Production company6 Point Harness
DistributorMondo Media
Original networkYouTube
Picture formatHDTV 1080p
Original releaseNovember 18, 2010 (2010-11-18) –
November 8, 2015 (2015-11-08)
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The series, comprising over 50 episodes, has been viewed over 250 million times.[7]

After raising $313,411 on Kickstarter, Dick Figures was eventually given a feature-length comedy adventure film, titled Dick Figures: The Movie.[8] The 73-minute film became available on all major digital platforms on September 17, 2013.[9]

Cast and charactersEdit


  • Red (voiced by Ed Skudder) is a wild and crazy guy who is obsessed with partying, drinking, weapons, and sex. He lives in an apartment with Blue and often gets on his nerves. In the episode "Trouble Date", Red begins a relationship with the promiscuous Stacy and they both frequently ruin Blue and Pink's dates. Despite being in a relationship, Red is frequently seen having sex with other women. In the episode "First Day of Cool", it was revealed that he is an extraterrestrial being that came to Earth from a meteor. He crash-landed on the elementary school playground where he beat up the fifth-graders who were bullying Blue and instantly became friends with him. Red's antics often get him and Blue into trouble and he frequently insults Blue for his "nerdy" status, though he has on occasion shown how much he cares for Blue and values him as a friend, and always helps him out when needed. The special "Figured Out" episode reveals that his full name is Redward.
  • Blue (voiced by Zack Keller) is Red's pessimistic, levelheaded roommate and his best (and only) friend. Red's actions frequently annoy and exasperate Blue, though he is secretly envious of Red and wishes to be more like him. His hobbies include Dungeons & Dragons, comics and video games (which leads Red to frequently call Blue a "nerd"), and he displays a skill for hacking computers. Blue lives with Red in an apartment, and is often looking for jobs to pay the bills and rent, since Red never does. In the episode "Flame War", Blue gets a girlfriend named Pink. Their relationship becomes strained several times, usually through Red's actions, though they remain together for the rest of the series. The special "Figured Out" episode reveals that his full name is Blewis.


  • Lord Tourettes (voiced by Ben Tuller) is a whimsical and effeminate larper with Tourette's syndrome, hence his name. He is a recurring character on the show who made his first appearance in the episode "Role Playas". He has constant outbursts of profane rage in his sentences, which he does not seem to care about. In the episode "Lord Tourette's Syndrome", it is revealed that him wearing his hat is the reason he constantly swears.
  • Pink (voiced by Shea Carter) is Blue's girlfriend. She is a recurring character who made her first appearance in the episode "Flame War" where she and Blue start a romantic relationship. Pink seems to be as serious as Blue is and has expressed her fair share of depression. She has a job and rarely gets time off. She constantly runs into problems with Blue, which mostly stem from Red ruining their dates together. It has been implied that Pink breaks up with him multiple times because of this. Pink is also easily fooled by Blue's attempts to be cultural (like passing off Japanese for French, and claiming chow mein is Chinese for spaghetti.) They did not share their first kiss until the end of the movie before confessing their love for each other, later getting married and having children. In the episode "A Hobbit of Thrones", it is revealed that Pink is best friends with Stacy and their relationship is similar to Red and Blue's.
  • Stacy (voiced by Lauren Kay Sokolov) is Red's girlfriend. She is a recurring character who made her first appearance in "Trouble Date". Stacy is a ditzy, promiscuous woman who has sex with many different men. Red and Stacy began their relationship in "Trouble Date" where they annoyed Pink and Blue on their date and ended up having sex on the restaurant table. Afterwards, Stacy did not appear again until the episode "Modern Flame War 3" where she had a different hairstyle and a job at Cybertime Systems. In the episode "Robot Frog", it was revealed that Stacy had dated Blue for two years before she started dating Red. In this episode, she was shown to be a sane, mature woman who dumped Blue because she believed that he was holding her back from what she truly wanted to be, which was a lascivious party girl, which is exactly what she became. In the episode "First Day of Cool", it was implied that her promiscuous nature came about after she consumed large amounts of Pixy Stix as a young child.
  • Mr. Dingleberry (named Nickelberry in "Kitty Amazing") (voiced by Ed Skudder) is Red and Blue's elderly landlord who made his first appearance in "Flame War". Dingleberry was a soldier in World War II and was a part of the Normandy landings. He is extremely frail, often seen hunched over and using a walking stick, and as such he is forgetful and suffers medical complications. He is annoyed by Red and Blue's antics, and often tries to get them to pay rent (but they never do). Despite being old, he attempts to be part of the cool kids, as he regularly joins raves and takes drugs. One of the main gags in the series is for Mr. Dingleberry to die in almost every episode he appears in.
  • Broseph (voiced by Mike Nassar) is an obnoxious, arrogant bully and nemesis of Red and Blue. Broseph made his first appearance in the episode "Zombies & Shotguns" where he was chainsawed to death by Red. Similar to Mr. Dingleberry, a running gag is for Broseph to die in almost every episode he appears in, which is usually caused by Red. In the episode "First Day of Cool", Broseph was shown to be the leader of a gang of fifth-graders as a child who bullied Blue. In this episode, Broseph and the rest of the fifth-graders were attacked and killed by Red when the latter debuted, saving Blue's life.

Other Voices / Guest StarsEdit


Season Episodes Originally aired
First aired Last aired
Pilot 2009
1 10 November 18, 2010 March 24, 2011
2 10 April 21, 2011 August 25, 2011
3 10 September 22, 2011 January 26, 2012
4 10 April 5, 2012 August 1, 2012
5 11 August 27, 2013 July 10, 2014
Movie 12 September 17, 2013 December 2, 2013
M.W.S. 3 October 4, 2015 November 8, 2015


Chick Figures is a spin-off series that premiered in June 2015. It features Lavender and Scarlet, Blue and Red's daughters (as revealed in the special episode "Figured Out"). Four episodes have been released so far. The series was first featured on Like, Share, Die and was later released on YouTube weeks later.


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