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Dhom Dam, is an earthfill and gravity dam on Krishna river near Wai in state of Maharashtra in India.

Dhom Dam
Dhom Lake.jpg
Dhom Lake, below Balakwadi Dam, viewed from Kate's Point near Mahabaleshwar
Dhom Dam is located in Maharashtra
Dhom Dam
Location of Dhom Dam in Maharashtra
Official nameDhom Dam D02958
LocationWai, Maharashtra
Coordinates17°58′53″N 73°47′44″E / 17.9814986°N 73.7954449°E / 17.9814986; 73.7954449Coordinates: 17°58′53″N 73°47′44″E / 17.9814986°N 73.7954449°E / 17.9814986; 73.7954449
Opening date1977[1]
Owner(s)Government of Maharashtra, India
Dam and spillways
Type of damEarthfill
ImpoundsKrishna river
Height50 m (160 ft)
Length2,478 m (8,130 ft)
Dam volume6,335 km3 (1,520 cu mi)
Total capacity331,100 km3 (79,400 cu mi)
Surface area2,498 km2 (964 sq mi)


The height of the dam above lowest foundation is 50 m (160 ft) while the length is 2,478 m (8,130 ft). The volume content is 6,335 km3 (1,520 cu mi) and gross storage capacity is 13.80 TMC or 382,270.00 km3 (91,711.45 cu mi).


  • Irrigation- The construction of this dam started at 1976. The major purpose of this dam is the supply of water to the agriculture, to the industries, and for the drinking water supply to the majorly for Wai, Panchgani-Mahabaleshwar and the surrounding villages on the bank of dam. This dam was supplied the water to agricultural land of the Wai, Koregaon, Satara, Javli and Khandala talukas. The catchment area dams the Krishna River and forms the Dhom Lake which is approximately 20 km (11 mi) in length. Completed in 1982, it is one of the largest civil engineering projects commissioned after Indian independence. The Dhom electricity project is run by the Maharashtra State Electricity Board. Dhom dam mades the lake to the storage capacity of 14 T.M.C.
  • Hydroelectricity- The dhom generates the electricity of 4 MG from the basement electricity house.

Dhom village accessibilityEdit

The reservoir for Dhom Dam on Krishna River in Wai, Maharashtra.
  • Dhom is a Village in Wai Taluka, Satara District, Maharashtra State . Dhom is 7.9 km distance from its Taluk Main Town Wai . Dhom is 37.9 km distance from its District Main City Satara . And 155 km distance from its State Main City Mumbai . .

Other villages in Wai Taluk are Wai, Akoshi, Amrutwadi, Anandpur - Chorachiwadi, Anavadi, Anpatwadi, ... . .

Nearby villages are Varkhadwadi (1.5 km),(Eksar-1.5;km) Boriv (0.5;km), Abhepuri (1.9 km), Pandewadi (2.5 km), Velang (2.5 km). Nearby towns are Wai (7.9 km), Jawali (18.5 km), Mahabaleshwar (18.9 km), Khandala (21.9 km).

Dhom Pin Code is 412803 and Post office name is . Other villages in (412803) are Wai, Vasole, Akoshi, Bhogaon, Dhom.

Dhom has the epithetic name "Dakshin Kashi". In old times, it was known as Virat Nagari. Dhom is known in Maharashtra for its ghats on the banks of the Krishna River and its temples, including especially the "Shree narsinha" temple on the "Kreeshna Ghat". Dhom is also famous for film shootings (Hindi, Marathi, Bhojpuri, Tamil etc.). Films like Gangaajal, Omkara (2006 film), Dabangg, Swadesh, Ishqiya, Singham, Deool, Bol Bachchan, Zila Ghaziabad and many others.

  • Dhom is located at 17.94°N 73.88°E,[1] approximately 95 km south of the city of Pune (Devanagari: पुणे). It has an average elevation of 718 metres (2355 feet). It is surrounded by the mountainous region of the Sahyādris; ("Dhom Dam" has been constructed in the vicinity of Dhom).The boundaries of the taluka (sub-district) called Wai are as follows- to the east of Wai are the talukas of Khandala and Koregaon, to the west lies the taluke of Mahabaleshwar, the northern border abuts the Pune district and the north-west border is shared with the district of Raigad. South of Wai are the taluka of Jawali Taluka and Satara. The headquarters of the taluke of Wai is the city by the same name, populated by about 25,000 people. Wai is 35 km. from Satara, 95 km. from Pune, 250 km. from Mumbai. Wai is situated on the Mahad-Pandharpur State Highway. Wai is a major city on the way to the hill stations like Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani.
  • According to 2001 census in India,[2] Wai then had a population of 31,090. Males constituted 51% of the population, and females, 49%. Literacy in Wai was 77%, (which is higher than the national average of 59.5%), male and female literacy being 81% and 73%, respectively. As of 2001, 11% of the population was under 6 years of age.

Wai is an old town - the newer part of the town is 200 years old, and the older part, over 350 years.

  • history of Dhom Village Realeated shreemant Bajirao Peshwa. breather child Waif in this village from raste's home in dhom village had made one pol, family in this villeg of Dhom.
  • This proves that Shivaji was strong believer of equality and treated his subjects equally. Place, where this family used to live is still known as Patil Wada(Patel Wada / Patel Bada), which falls in older part of town.

Afzal Khan, the general who led the troops of the Bijapur Sultan, camped at Wai during his campaign against Shivaji. Locals of Wai residence helped Afzal Khan & provided their residence in a mansion called Banawdikar Wada. Afzal khan used this wada as a 'Kutchery' or office. Banawdikar Wada was the scene of strategy sessions concerning how to capture or kill Shivaji, until Afzal Khan met his death at the hands of Shivaji at Pratapgarh. Brahmins of wai helped & provided information about the Pratapgad & Mahabaleshwar jungal. The wada still exists in Raviwar Peth of Wai. The wada's main door is a solid wooden structure with beautiful carvings in the fashion of the olden times.

About 200 feet up the road from Banawdikar Wada stands a smaller mansion known as Deshpande Wada. It was built by a disciple of Samarth Ramdas. Wai is also home to Nana Phadnavis. His beautiful wada stands on the banks of the Krishna. The house with its fading frescoes is worth a visit. Across Banawdikar wada stands the large wada of the Kathavate family. It is almost 400 years old.

  • Dhom village populated by about 1,029 people in village.
  • Dhom village is a Hindus dharmik one of the place in western Maharashtra

is great village in wai tal or satara Dist. so this village realeted between shivaji raje bhosles past.

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