Departmental Council of Morbihan

The Departmental Council of Morbihan (French: Conseil départemental du Morbihan) is the deliberative assembly of the Morbihan department in France.

It consists of 42 members (departmental councillors) and its headquarters are in Vannes, capital of the department, and the president is François Goulard. The general councilors are elected for a 6-years term. The Morbihan General Council includes 12 vice-presidents. The General Council has a logo.

The presidentEdit

The president of the General Council is currently François Goulard.

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The general councilorsEdit

The General Council consists of 42 general councilors (conseillers généraux) who come from the 21 cantons of Morbihan. They are elected for a 6-years term.

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