Democratic Regions Party

The Democratic Regions Party (Turkish: Demokratik Bölgeler Partisi, DBP, Kurdish: Partiya Herêman a Demokratîk, PHD) is a Kurdish political party in the Republic of Turkey. The pro-minority rights Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) acts as the fraternal party to DBP.

Democratic Regions Party
Demokratik Bölgeler Partisi
Partiya Herêman a Demokratîk
LeaderSaliha Aydeniz
Keskin Bayındır (co-chair)
Founded2 May 2008 (as Peace and Democracy Party)
11 July 2014 (rebranding)
Preceded byPeace and Democracy Party
HeadquartersBarış Manço Cad. 32. Sk. No:37, Balgat – Ankara, Turkey
Membership (2023)Decrease 6,796[1]
IdeologyKurdish nationalism[2]
Social democracy
Democratic socialism
Political positionLeft-wing
National affiliationPeoples' Democratic Congress
Kurdish Freedom and Democracy Alliance
National Assembly
0 / 600


After the 2014 municipal elections, Peoples' Democratic Party and the pro-Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) were re-organised in a joint structure. On 28 April 2014, the entire parliamentary caucus of BDP joined HDP, whereas BDP was assigned exclusively to representatives on the local administration level.[3][4] The BDP has been said to be more hardline, arguably with closer PKK links, than its parent HDP.[5]

At the 3rd Congress of BDP on 11 July 2014, the name of the party was changed to the Democratic Regions Party and a new structure restricting the activities on the local/regional government level was adopted.[6]

On 30 November 2019, Saliha Aydeniz became the Co-Chair of the party.[7]


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