Dean of Nova Scotia

The Dean of Nova Scotia is an Anglican dean in the Anglican Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island of the Ecclesiastical Province of Canada, based at All Saints Cathedral in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The incumbent is also Rector of All Saints.

The incumbents have been:


Tenure Incumbent Notes
1864–1874 William Bullock (1797–1874) 1st Dean of Nova Scotia
1875–1887 No Deans appointed
1889–1906 Edwin Gilpin (1821–1906)
1907–1912 Edward Patrick Crawford (?-1912)
1913–1933 John Plummer Derwent Llwyd (1861–1933)
1933–1942 Arthur Francis Cecil Whalley (?–1942)
1942–1958 No Deans appointed
1958–1979 Edward Brenton Nicol Cochran (1915–1993)
1979–1996 John Austin Munroe (1931–2005)
1997–2006 Glen R. Burgomaster
2008–present Paul Smith


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