David of Kakheti

David (Georgian: დავითი) (died 1010) was a Prince and Chorepiscopus of Kakheti in eastern Georgia from 976 to 1010; son and successor of Kvirike II. A major menace to his rule came from the Georgian Bagratid king Bagrat III who had unified the core Georgian polities under his crown and sought to incorporate Kakheti into his realm. The war between the two rulers ended in Bagrat's victory, but David was able to preserve his crown. He was succeeded by his son Kvirike III.

Prince of Kakheti
Reign976 – 1010
PredecessorKvirike II
SuccessorKvirike III
ReligionEastern Orthodox Church

David, by his wife—a daughter of Leon III of Abkhazia—had three children:


Preceded by Prince of Kakheti
Succeeded by