The Ksani (Georgian: ქსანი, Ossetian: Чысандон, Ĉysandon) is a river in central Georgia, which rises on the southern slopes of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range in South Ossetia and flows into the Kura (Mtkvari). It is 84 km (52 mi) long, and has a drainage basin of 885 km2 (342 sq mi).[2] Ksani (both the river and the name) is often associated with the Medieval Georgian Ksani fortress which lies near the confluence of the Ksani and the Mtkvari.

Ravine of Ksani.jpg
Ravine of Ksani
Native nameGeorgian: ქსანი, Ossetian: Чысандон
CountryGeorgia (South Ossetia)[1]
Physical characteristics
SourceGreater Caucasus
 • coordinates
41°51′17″N 44°33′45″E / 41.8546°N 44.5626°E / 41.8546; 44.5626Coordinates: 41°51′17″N 44°33′45″E / 41.8546°N 44.5626°E / 41.8546; 44.5626
Length84 km (52 mi)
Basin size885 km2 (342 sq mi)
Basin features
ProgressionKuraCaspian Sea

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  1. ^ South Ossetia's status is disputed. It considers itself to be an independent state, but this is recognised by only a few other countries. The Georgian government and most of the world's other states consider South Ossetia de jure a part of Georgia's territory.
  2. ^ Statistical Yearbook of Georgia: 2020, National Statistics Office of Georgia, Tbilisi, 2020, p. 12.