Das Rätsel der Sandbank

Das Rätsel der Sandbank is a German television series based on the 1903 novel The Riddle of the Sands by Erskine Childers. It was produced by the public television and radio station Radio Bremen, and starring Burghart Klaußner as Davies and Peter Sattmann as Carruthers - the novel's two British yachtsmen and amateur spies.[1]

Das Rätsel der Sandbank
Directed byRainer Boldt [de]
StarringBurghart Klaußner
Peter Sattmann
Isabel Varell
Gunnar Möller
Country of originGermany
Original release1984 (1984)

The original novel, a sensational success at the time of publication, was one of the first signs heralding half a century of enmity and war between Britain and Germany, with the novel's British protagonists unearthing a German plot for the invasion of England and courageously striving to foil it.

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