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Daniel Randall James Roebuck (born March 4, 1963) is an American character actor of television, film, and theatre.[1] His best known roles include Deputy Marshal Robert Biggs in The Fugitive and its spinoff film U.S. Marshals, Jay Leno in The Late Shift, and Dr. Leslie Arzt in Lost, as well as numerous Rob Zombie and Don Coscarelli films.

Daniel Roebuck
Daniel Roebuck.jpg
Roebuck in 2007 at Star Wars Celebration IV
Born Daniel Randall James Roebuck
(1963-03-04) March 4, 1963 (age 55)
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Nationality American
Education Bethlehem Catholic High School
Occupation Actor, writer, producer
Years active 1981–present

m. Leslie Roebuck (1983 - 1987) (divorced) m. Kelly Roebuck (1994 - 2013; 2 children)(divorced)

m. Tammy Roebuck (2015 - present)
Children 2


Life and careerEdit

Roebuck was born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, in 1963, and graduated from Bethlehem Catholic High School in Bethlehem in 1981.[2]

He appeared in his first film role in 1985, the lead in Cavegirl.[2] From 1992 to 1995, he played Andy Griffith's assistant lawyer and penultimate private investigator, Cliff Lewis, on the television drama Matlock, and he also had a recurring role opposite Don Johnson's character as the corrupt officer, Insp. Rick Bettina in Nash Bridges. He has appeared in numerous other guest roles in television programs and in many feature films including Bryan Loves You, River's Edge, and Dudes. He also played the role of US Marshal Bob Biggs in The Fugitive and U.S. Marshals. He played the part of Mr. Banks in the film Agent Cody Banks and its sequel. He has also appeared as the FBI Agent Weine in Final Destination.

Roebuck had a one-off appearance in The King of Queens in 1999 (season 1 episode 17) as Jeffrey the cop, whom Carrie (Leah Remini) tried to date in order to get out of a traffic ticket.

One of Roebuck's more memorable roles was as Jay Leno in the HBO made-for-TV film The Late Shift. Leno has often commented positively on Roebuck's performance whenever a guest brings up the film on the show. In 2002, he played a hearse driver in the comedy horror film Bubba Ho-Tep[3], then acted in the 2006 production Red Riding Hood. This Randal Kleiser directed HD motion picture was shot primarily with live-on-demand 3D virtual set technology.

From 2005 until 2010, he had a recurring role in the television drama Lost, appearing as Dr. Arzt in nine episodes. He played Morris Green in Rob Zombie's film, The Devil's Rejects. He has been a writer and producer for the Monsterama series, appearing in some of the episodes. Roebuck also starred in the Disney Channel Original Movie, Quints, as well as the Nickelodeon original film, Shredderman Rules. In Sonny with a Chance, he played Mr. Condor. He guest starred in Disney's Wizards of Waverly Place. In 2009, Roebuck guest starred in the fan-produced web series Star Trek: The Continuing Mission.

He has guest starred on an episode of Dark Blue and Bones. He is the voice of Morris Green in Rob Zombie's animated film The Haunted World of El Superbeasto and starred in the film, A Fork in the Road.[4]

Roebuck portrayed Dave Karofsky's father in the TV series Glee. He appeared in Furt (episode 8, Season 2; aired November 23, 2010) and Born This Way (episode 18, Season 2; aired April 26, 2011). He also made a brief cameo appearance in season 3, episode 14, On My Way. [5]

He played the role of Jim Nichol in the movie, That's What I Am - released April 2011.

In October 2012, he played B.J. in AMC's The Walking Dead Cold Storage webisodes. He is set to star as Pastor Victor in the Rob Zombie film 31.[6] In November, 2015 he played Arnold Walker in The Man in the High Castle adapted from the novel by Philip K. Dick. His role, Arnold Walker, is the father of the leading character. He appeared in five of ten episodes in the first season, distributed through

Friendship with Andy GriffithEdit

As a young, unfamiliar actor and a staunch Andy Griffith fan (since birth), Daniel Roebuck met the legendary Andy Griffith, on the last episode of the 1st season of Matlock, in which he played one of the young doctors whom he'd been complaining from Matlock, about his belly ache. 2 more seasons later, early on, in the 3rd season, he would later fill in for Nancy Stafford, for a recurring role, as a lawyer's aide, in a 2-pt. episode where he alongside Matlock, who both represented the British Ambassador, who was accused for the murder of his lover's husband, while in New York City. In the same season, at the end of the year, his character flew from New York City to Atlanta, to this time, represent a local mobster who was accused of killing a priest. Then, at the end of the 6th year, he also played a prosecutor in a 2-pt. episode. The following year, he got the call from Fred Silverman, Dean Hargrove and Griffith, himself (who was promoted into becoming executive producer, at the beginning of the sixth season), had finally hired Roebuck, who was then all grown up, to play Cliff Lewis on the ABC series, when the show moved to Wilmington, North Carolina from Los Angeles, California. Roebuck said in a 1992 interview with The Morning Call, about his friendship with Griffith: "Hi, Dan, it's Andy. I just wanted to tell you how television works ..." He added: "This great actor was taking me under his wing to tell me what was happening, reaffirming that it wasn't my work." When Dan was in California, at the time of his employment, there, he later said casually "went down to visit the set one day and say 'Hi.' Andy had a funny twinkle in his eye and said, 'I've been trying to get you on the show for the longest time.' That's when I found out the show would be moving to ABC." He then said: "Andy must have known that day, but nobody told me until it was a done deal. It was probably for the best that I didn't know." He also added about his TV lawyer: "He's always championed me. I don't know how else to say it. He's always been on my side. Andy is the executive producer. He even does some rewriting, which is good because he has a real sense of the show." He also said of his own mission: "I was brought here to move the show from being so grounded in mystery to being more open to comedy. In one of the shows we've shot so far there's no murder at all. It's very humorous. Andy has always wanted to move away from mystery to the more personal stories, though there are still going to be predominantly mysteries." As far as the relationship of his TV lawyer/daughter team, he commented: "don't agree on everything. He's kind of forced to take me on as an employee as a debt to my father (played by Warren Frost, "Twin Peaks'" Dr. Hayward). Ben Matlock had dated my father's sister and then kind of left her at the altar to become a lawyer. My father had feuded with Ben for years and Andy (Ben) is kind of compelled to hire me. It's an employer-employee relationship. He's a reluctant employer at that." The last thing he said as far as his friendship with Griffith: "I think comedy is my thing," said Roebuck. "He's said very nice things about that, which always makes me afraid that the next time I won't be funny."[7] In the last of the 3 seasons of the show, Roebuck had a wonderful on- and off-screen chemistry with Griffith, and was even proud of his acting mentor's career. He also said in an interview with A&E Biography: Andy Griffith about the music that was brought to Matlock, on which Andy had played music for the show, among everything else that he did. After the show was canceled, Roebuck continued to stay close to Griffith, until his acting mentor's death on July 3, 2012. Upon Griffith death, Roebuck stated: "Andy Griffith was one of the single most talented people I have ever worked with," He wrote. "Those three years spent with him, in North Carolina while filming Matlock, were some of the best of my life. God has blessed all of us with the laughter He shared with His creation through this amazing performer. Now it's our heart felt prayer that God continue to bless Andy and his family. The laughter will live on."[8] Then, 4 years after he lost his TV lawyer, Roebuck also said in a 2016 interview of Halloween Daily News, when he was an unfamiliar actor, he couldn't become a name, until Andy Griffith wanted to finally hire him, for ABC: "Look, here’s the thing, I was on Matlock for three years because I was on Matlock one time and the one time I was on it, I did something to Andy Griffith that shocked him so much and that he appreciated so much that he told them that day, ‘I want this guy on my television show’. And they tried for years. I came on as other characters. They did a pilot for me as another character to come on the show and the network wouldn’t have it. Then when Andy Griffith got control of the show, he made sure they hired me, because he remembered that six years later."[9]



Year Title Role Notes
1985 Cavegirl Rex
1986 River's Edge Samson "John" Tollet
1987 Dudes Biscuit
Project X Hadfield
1989 Disorganized Crime Bill Lonigan
1992 Eddie Presley Keystone the Magnificent
Only You Marty
1993 The Fugitive Deputy U.S. Marshal Robert Biggs
1996 Driven Dale Schneider
1997 Money Talks Detective Williams
1998 U.S. Marshals Deputy Marshal Bobby Biggs
2000 Final Destination Agent Weine
2002 We Were Soldiers Medevac Commanding Officer
Bubba Ho-Tep Hearse Driver #1 Cameo appearance
Hansel and Gretel Dad
2003 Agent Cody Banks Mr. Banks
2004 Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London
2007 Halloween Lou Martini
2008 Flash of Genius Frank Sertin
2009 Dark and Stormy Night 8 O'Clock Faraday
The Haunted World of El Superbeasto Morris Green Voice-over role
Halloween II Big Lou
2011 That's What I Am Jim Nichol
Night Club Frank
2012 John Dies at the End Largeman
2013 Compound Fracture Jim
2014 Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever George
2015 Soaked in Bleach Tom Grant
2016 31 Pastor Victor
2017 Let There Be Light Norm


Year Title Role Notes
1987–1995 Matlock Bobby Shaw
Alex Winthorp
Prosecutor Mr. Sodowsky
Cliff Lewis
Episode "The Doctors" (1987)
Episodes: "The Ambassador parts 1-2" (1988)
"The Priest" (1989)
Episodes: "The Assassination parts 1-2" (1992)
Main role 1992-1995
1991 Lookwell Cop Episode: "Pilot" - Uncredited
1992 Quantum Leap Neil Lindhurst Episode: "The Play's the Thing"
1996 Nash Bridges Inspector Rick Bettina Recurring role
The Late Shift Jay Leno Television film
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman Herkimer Johnson Episode "Oedipus Wrecks" (S03E19)
The Cold Equations Mitch Television film
1999 The King of Queens Jeffrey, the cop Episode: "Court Date" (S01E17)
2002 Mary Christmas Mac Reeves Television film
2003 Behind the Camera: The Unauthorized Story of Three's Company Ted Bergmann
Windfall Packard
Miracle Dogs Dr. Elliot
2004 Blowing Smoke Ray
Monsterama Mr. Shocker As producer and writer. Also appeared in some of its episodes.
2005 Law & Order Nathaniel Prentiss Episode: "New York Minute" (S16E08)
Monk Larry Zwibell Episode: "Mr. Monk Gets Drunk" (S04E05)
2005–2010 Lost Dr. Leslie Arzt 9 episodes
2006 NCIS Matthew Lake Episode: "Boxed in" (S03E12)
2007 Shredderman Rules Bob Bixby Television film
2008 Bones George Francis Episode: "Player Under Pressure" (S03E11)
2009–2011 Sonny with a Chance Mr. Condor Recurring role
2009 Wizards of Waverly Place Mr. Evans Episode: "Halloween" (S03E02)
Dark Blue Paul Tivnan Episode: "Ice" (S01E06)
2010 Star Trek: The Continuing Mission Admiral Rowan Episode: "We Will Control All That You See And Hear"
2010-2012 Glee Paul Karofsky 3 episodes
2011-2015 Grimm Peter Orson Episode: "The Three Bad Wolves" (S01E06)
Episode: "Trial by Fire" (S04E13)
2012 Castle Joe Silva Episode: "Swan Song" (S05E07)
2015 Transformers: Robots in Disguise Malodor (voice) Episode: "Out of Focus"
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. John Donnelly Episode: "A Wanted (Inhu)man" (S03E03)
2016 Criminal Minds Mike Thompson Episode: "Hostage"

Web seriesEdit

Year Title Role Notes
2012 The Walking Dead: Cold Storage B.J. Main role (4 episodes)
2015–2016 The Man in the High Castle Arnold Walker Recurring character (10 episodes)


Year Title Role
2011 L.A. Noire Mark Bishop
2013 Dead Rising 3 Gary Finkel


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