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Damodardev (Assamese:দামোদৰ দেৱ ; 1488–1598) was sixteenth century Ekasarana preceptor from Nalaca, Nagaon. Damodardev was contemporary of Sankardeva and influenced litterateur's like Bhattadeva.[2]

Native name দামোদৰ দেৱ
Born (1488-01-00)January , 1488
Nalaca, Nagaon[1]
Died 1598 (aged 109–110)
Vaikunthapur Sattra
Occupation Ekasarana preceptor


Early lifeEdit

Damodardev's parents name were Sushila and Satananda from Hajo, Kamrup. At one point of time his family moved to Nalaca, Bardowa in present Nagoan district of Assam, where Damodar was born. Here his father made friendship with Sankardev, a well known Ekasarana preceptor. Damodardev got his education along with his two brothers under Kalpacandra of Navadwip where they studied detailed grammar, derivations and usage of words, four Vedas, fourteen scriptures, Gita, Bhagavata Purana and other religious books. Invasions led his family to move back to Manikuta in Hajo. After some time he went to Barpeta bil with his father and settled in Chandravatipura.[3]

Time with Sankardev and SattraEdit

After meeting Damodar, Sankardev asked him to recite Bhagavata in his Sattra for which Damodar replied "Yours is the land where tree of Bhakti can grow", and this marked the beginning of friendship between them. Sankara requested him to initiate Brahmin disciples. Sankardev also initiated Damodardev to the Mahapurushiya cult.

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