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The Taipei Metro Daan Park station is a metro station on the Red Line located beneath Xinyi Rd, Sec. 3 between Xinsheng South Rd. and Jianguo South Rd. in Daan District, Taipei, Taiwan.[2] It is located at the northern end of the Daan Forest Park for which it is named after. The station was opened on 24 November 2013.[3]

Daan Park

R06 大安森林公園
Taipei Metro
Daan Park Station Concourse Level 2.JPG
Station concourse
LocationXinyi Rd., Sec. 3
Daan, Taipei
Operated by
Structure typeUnderground
Opened24 November 2013
Passengers15,979 daily (2016)[1]
(Ranked 84th of 109)
Preceding station Taipei Metro Logo(Logo Only).svg Taipei Metro Following station
towards Tamsui or Beitou
Tamsui–Xinyi line Daan
towards Xiangshan or Daan
Daan Park metro station
Traditional Chinese大安森林公園站
Simplified Chinese大安森林公园站

Station overviewEdit

Station exterior
Station lobby at night

The two-level, underground station with an island platform. It has a naturally-lit hall and sunken garden.[4] The naturally-lit hall has two light towers and a light hallway. The sunken garden connects to the hall and has a ring-shaped corridor, pond, cascade and a circular plaza.[5] The station also has an underground parking lot.

An earlier draft for the station's design did not include the waterfall and sunken, ring-shaped corridor design,[6] though it still maintained the sunken plaza within the station lobby.[7]


The station is 226 m (741 ft) long and 22 m (72 ft) wide. Excavation depth is at 19 m (62 ft). It has six entrances, three elevators for the disabled and two vent shafts.[2] One of the entrances is integrated into a joint development building. The 34-story building is incorporated into exit D and was completed in December 2010.[8] Due to station construction, old banyan trees originally planted on the sidewalk along Xinyi Road were replanted elsewhere within the park.[9]


The design theme for the station is "Forest Revolution: the City and Park Conversing".[10]

Station layoutEdit

Street Level Entrance/Exit Entrance/Exit
B1 Scenic Concourse Lobby, information desk, automatic ticketing dispensing machines, one-way faregates
Sunlight Hall, Sunken Garden
Restrooms (Inside fare zone, outside fare zone near exit 6)
B2 Platform 1   Tamsui–Xinyi Line toward Tamsui / Beitou (R07 Dongmen)
Island platform, doors will open on the left
Platform 2   Tamsui–Xinyi Line toward Xiangshan / Daan (R05 Daan)

First and Last Train TimingEdit

The first and last train timing at Daan Park station [11] is as follows:

Destination First Train Last Train
Mon − Fri Sat − Sun and P.H. Daily
R28 Tamsui
R02 Xiangshan


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Coordinates: 25°01′59″N 121°32′07″E / 25.0331°N 121.5353°E / 25.0331; 121.5353