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Czech Republic motorcycle Grand Prix

Map of the track

The Czech Republic motorcycle Grand Prix is a motorcycling event that is part of the Grand Prix motorcycle racing season. Before 1993, the race was known as the Czechoslovak motorcycle Grand Prix. Since 1965 the race is a part of World Grand Prix series[1] (between 1982 and 1987 race was held as a part of European Grand Prix series only).

All layouts of the Masaryk Circuit (Brno Circuit) between 1930 and today combined

Since 1987 the race is held on the newly built Masaryk Circuit,[2] the historical track led through the streets of western parts of Brno and neighbouring villages, such as Bosonohy and Žebětín.

Multiple winners (riders)Edit

# Wins Rider Wins
Category Years won
7 Italy Giacomo Agostini 500cc 1968, 1969, 1972, 1973
350cc 1968, 1969, 1970
Italy Max Biaggi MotoGP 2002
500cc 1998, 2000
250cc 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997
Italy Valentino Rossi MotoGP 2003, 2005, 2008, 2009
500cc 2001
250cc 1999
125cc 1996
6 United Kingdom Mike Hailwood 500cc 1965, 1966, 1967
350cc 1966, 1967
250cc 1966
United Kingdom Phil Read 500cc 1974, 1975
250cc 1965, 1967, 1968
125cc 1968
5 Germany Anton Mang 350cc 1980, 1981
250cc 1980, 1981, 1987
Spain Jorge Lorenzo MotoGP 2010, 2015
250cc 2006, 2007
125cc 2004

Winners of the Czech Republic motorcycle Grand PrixEdit

Year Track Moto3 Moto2 MotoGP Report
2019 Brno   Arón Canet   Álex Márquez   Marc Márquez Report
2018 Brno   Fabio Di Giannantonio   Miguel Oliveira   Andrea Dovizioso Report
2017 Brno   Joan Mir   Thomas Lüthi   Marc Márquez Report
2016 Brno   John McPhee   Jonas Folger   Cal Crutchlow Report
2015 Brno   Niccolò Antonelli   Johann Zarco   Jorge Lorenzo Report
2014 Brno   Alexis Masbou   Esteve Rabat   Dani Pedrosa Report
2013 Brno   Luis Salom   Mika Kallio   Marc Márquez Report
2012 Brno   Jonas Folger   Marc Márquez   Dani Pedrosa Report
Year Track 125 cc Moto2 MotoGP Report
2011 Brno   Sandro Cortese   Andrea Iannone   Casey Stoner Report
2010 Brno   Nicolás Terol   Toni Elías   Jorge Lorenzo Report
Year Track 125 cc 250 cc MotoGP Report
2009 Brno   Nicolás Terol   Marco Simoncelli   Valentino Rossi Report
2008 Brno   Stefan Bradl   Alex Debón   Valentino Rossi Report
2007 Brno   Héctor Faubel   Jorge Lorenzo   Casey Stoner Report
2006 Brno   Alvaro Bautista   Jorge Lorenzo   Loris Capirossi Report
2005 Brno   Thomas Lüthi   Dani Pedrosa   Valentino Rossi Report
2004 Brno   Jorge Lorenzo   Sebastián Porto   Sete Gibernau Report
2003 Brno   Dani Pedrosa   Randy de Puniet   Valentino Rossi Report
2002 Brno   Lucio Cecchinello   Marco Melandri   Max Biaggi Report
Year Track 125 cc 250 cc 500 cc Report
2001 Brno   Toni Elías   Tetsuya Harada   Valentino Rossi Report
2000 Brno   Roberto Locatelli   Shinya Nakano   Max Biaggi Report
1999 Brno   Marco Melandri   Valentino Rossi   Tadayuki Okada Report
1998 Brno   Marco Melandri   Tetsuya Harada   Max Biaggi Report
1997 Brno   Noboru Ueda   Max Biaggi   Michael Doohan Report
1996 Brno   Valentino Rossi   Max Biaggi   Àlex Crivillé Report
1995 Brno   Kazuto Sakata   Max Biaggi   Luca Cadalora Report
1994 Brno   Kazuto Sakata   Max Biaggi   Michael Doohan Report
1993 Brno   Kazuto Sakata   Loris Reggiani   Wayne Rainey Report

Winners of the Czechoslovak motorcycle Grand PrixEdit

A pink background indicates an event that was not part of the Grand Prix motorcycle racing championship.

Year Track 125 cc 250 cc 500 cc Report
1991 Brno   Alessandro Gramigni   Helmut Bradl   Wayne Rainey Report
1990 Brno   Hans Spaan   Carlos Cardús   Wayne Rainey Report
Year Track 80 cc 125 cc 250 cc 500 cc Report
1989 Brno   Herri Torrontegui   Àlex Crivillé   Reinhold Roth   Kevin Schwantz Report
1988 Brno   Jorge Martínez   Jorge Martínez   Juan Garriga   Wayne Gardner Report
1987 Brno   Stefan Dörflinger   Fausto Gresini   Anton Mang   Wayne Gardner Report
1986 Brno   Bruno Casanova   Hans Lindner Report
1985 Brno   Paul Bordes   Massimo Matteoni Report
1984 Brno   Massimo Messere Report
Year Track 50 cc 125 cc 250 cc 500 cc Report
1983 Brno   Gustav Reiner Report
Year Track 50 cc 125 cc 250 cc 350 cc 500 cc Report
1982 Brno   Eugenio Lazzarini   Carlos Lavado   Didier de Radiguès Report
1981 Brno   Theo Timmer   Anton Mang   Anton Mang Report
1980 Brno   Guy Bertin   Anton Mang   Anton Mang Report
1979 Brno   Guy Bertin   Kork Ballington   Kork Ballington Report
1978 Brno   Ricardo Tormo   Kork Ballington   Kork Ballington Report
1977 Brno   Franco Uncini   Johnny Cecotto   Johnny Cecotto Report
1976 Brno   Walter Villa   Walter Villa   John Newbold Report
1975 Brno   Leif Gustafsson   Michel Rougerie   Otello Buscherini   Phil Read Report
1974 Brno   Henk van Kessel   Kent Andersson   Walter Villa   Phil Read Report
1973 Brno   Otello Buscherini   Dieter Braun   Teuvo Länsivuori   Giacomo Agostini Report
1972 Brno   Börje Jansson   Jarno Saarinen   Jarno Saarinen   Giacomo Agostini Report
1971 Brno   Barry Sheene   Ángel Nieto   János Drapál   Jarno Saarinen Report
1970 Brno   Aalt Toersen   Gilberto Parlotti   Kel Carruthers   Giacomo Agostini Report
1969 Brno   Paul Lodewijkx   Dave Simmonds   Renzo Pasolini   Giacomo Agostini   Giacomo Agostini Report
1968 Brno   Phil Read   Phil Read   Giacomo Agostini   Giacomo Agostini Report
1967 Brno   Bill Ivy   Phil Read   Mike Hailwood   Mike Hailwood Report
1966 Brno   Luigi Taveri   Mike Hailwood   Mike Hailwood   Mike Hailwood Report
1965 Brno   Frank Perris   Phil Read   Jim Redman   Mike Hailwood Report
1964 Brno   Luigi Taveri   Heinz Rosner   Stanislav Malina Report
1963 Brno   Luigi Taveri   Stanislav Malina   Gustav Havel   Gustav Havel Report
1962 Brno   Stanislav Malina   Jim Redman   František Šťastný Report
Year Track 125cc 250cc 350cc 500cc Report
1961 Brno   Jim Redman   Jim Redman   František Šťastný   Rudolf Thalhammer Report
1960 Brno   Ernst Degner   František Šťastný   František Šťastný   Gary Hocking Report
1959 Brno   Ernst Degner   František Srna   František Šťastný   Eric Hinton Report
1958 Brno   Ernst Degner   František Bartoš   František Šťastný   Dickie Dale Report
1957 Brno   Ernst Degner   Helmut Hallmeier   Helmut Hallmeier   Gerold Klinger Report
1956 Brno   František Bartoš   Horst Kassner   František Šťastný   Gerold Klinger Report
1955 Brno   Václav Parus   Horst Kassner   Hans Baltisberger   Keith Campbell Report
1954 Brno   František Bartoš   František Šťastný   Leonhard Faßl   Gustav Havel Report
1952 Brno   Bernhard Petruschke   František Bartoš   František Bartoš   Antonín Vitvar Report
1951 Brno   Antonín Vitvar Report
1950 Brno   Josef Vejvoda   Antonín Vitvar   Antonín Vitvar Report
1947 Prague   Fergus Anderson   Fergus Anderson   Ted Frost Report


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Coordinates: 49°12′11″N 16°27′42″E / 49.20306°N 16.46167°E / 49.20306; 16.46167