Cystophora retroflexa

Cystophora retroflexa is a brown alga species in the genus Cystophora.[1] It found is found off the coasts of New Zealand and Australia.[2] It is the type species of the genus. Prefers more sheltered environments compared to other Cystophora species, often found in sheltered reefs from 0 to 12 m in depth.[3]

Cystophora retroflexa
Cystophora retroflexa by John Barkla.jpg
Scientific classification edit
Clade: SAR
Phylum: Ochrophyta
Class: Phaeophyceae
Order: Fucales
Family: Sargassaceae
Genus: Cystophora
C. retroflexa
Binomial name
Cystophora retroflexa

Fucus retroflexus Labillardière 1807


It is a large, open species with floats longer (4-10 mm) than broad (3-6 mm). The final branches are long (20-60 mm) and thin (1-2 mm). The side branches have smaller branches arising at irregular intervals from all sides, rather than the seaweed having branches in the one plane.[3]


This species contains phlorotannins of the classes of phlorethols and fucophlorethols (phloroglucinol, difucol, tetraphlorethol-E, pentaphlorethol-B, hexaphlorethol-A, fucotriphlorethol-G, fucotriphlorethol-H, fucotetraphlorethol-J, fucotetraphlorethol-K, fucopentaphlorethol-E, bisfucoheptaphlorethol-A, difucofucotriphlorethol-A, difucofucotetraphlorethol-B, terfucohexaphlorethol-B, terfucoheptaphlorethol-A, diphlorethol, triphlorethol-A, tetraphlorethol-C, fucophlorethol-B, fucodiphlorethol-D, fucotriphlorethol-B, fucotetra-phlorethol-B, bisfucotriphlorethol-A, bisfucotetraphlorethol-A, bisfucopentaphlorethol-A, bisfucopentaphlorethol-B, difucophlorethol-A, difucofucotetraphlorethol-A, terfucopentaphlorethol-A and terfucohexaphlorethol-A).[4] There are also halogenated phlorethols and fucophlorethols (chlorinated, brominated and iodinated derivatives).[5]


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