Cycling at the 1980 Summer Olympics – Men's track time trial

The men's track time trial event at the 1980 Summer Olympics took place on 22 July 1980 in Moscow Olympic Velodrome.[1][2] There were 18 competitors from 18 nations, with one additional cyclist entered but not starting.[3] The event was won by Lothar Thoms of East Germany, the nation's second consecutive victory in the men's track time trial (tying Australia, Italy, and Denmark for second-most all-time). Aleksandr Panfilov of the Soviet Union took silver, the nation's first medal in the event since 1960. David Weller's bronze remains—through the 2016 Games—Jamaica's only medal outside of track and field athletics (77 athletics medals, 1 cycling medal). Denmark's three-Games medal streak (entirely the work of Niels Fredborg) ended.

Men's track time trial
at the Games of the XXII Olympiad
Почтовая марка СССР № 4746. 1977. XXII летние Олимпийские игры.jpg
Soviet stamp commemorating 1980 Olympic cycling
VenueKrylatskoye Sports Complex Velodrome
Dates22 July
Competitors18 from 18 nations
Winning time1:02.955 WR
1st place, gold medalist(s) Lothar Thoms
 East Germany
2nd place, silver medalist(s) Aleksandr Panfilov
 Soviet Union
3rd place, bronze medalist(s) David Weller
← 1976
1984 →


This was the 13th appearance of the event, which had previously been held in 1896 and every Games since 1928. It would be held every Games until being dropped from the programme after 2004. The only returning cyclist from 1976 was eleventh-place finisher David Weller of Jamaica. Among the boycotting nations, there weren't any cyclists who would be considered contenders. The favorite was East German Lothar Thoms, the 1978 and 1979 world champion.[3]

Ecuador, Libya, and Zimbabwe each made their debut in the men's track time trial. France and Great Britain each made their 13th appearance, having competed at every appearance of the event.

Competition formatEdit

The event was a time trial on the track, with each cyclist competing separately to attempt to achieve the fastest time. Each cyclist raced one kilometre from a standing start.[3][4]


The following were the world and Olympic records prior to the competition.

World record   Pierre Trentin (FRA) 1:03.91 Mexico City, Mexico 17 October 1968
Olympic record   Pierre Trentin (FRA) 1:03.91 Mexico City, Mexico 17 October 1968

Lothar Thoms broke the world record by nearly a full second, recording a time of 1:02.955. No other cyclist came close to the old record time.


All times are Moscow Time (UTC+3)

Date Time Round
Tuesday, 22 July 1980 19:00 Final


Rank Cyclist Nation Time Notes
  Lothar Thoms   East Germany 1:02.955 WR
  Aleksandr Panfilov   Soviet Union 1:04.845
  David Weller   Jamaica 1:05.241
4 Guido Bontempi   Italy 1:05.478
5 Yavé Cahard   France 1:05.584
6 Heinz Isler   Switzerland 1:06.263
7 Petr Kocek   Czechoslovakia 1:06.368
8 Bjarne Sørensen   Denmark 1:07.422
9 Terrence Tinsley   Great Britain 1:07.542
10 Kenrick Tucker   Australia 1:07.709
11 Andrzej Michalak   Poland 1:07.891
12 Stoyan Petrov   Bulgaria 1:08.682
13 Jan Blomme   Belgium 1:09.015
14 Errol McLean   Guyana 1:09.991
15 Hans Fischer   Brazil 1:10.801
16 Esteban Espinosa   Ecuador 1:11.419
17 Khalid Shebani   Libya 1:11.627
18 John Musa   Zimbabwe 1:15.779
Patrick Wackström   Finland DNS


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