Cycling at the 1976 Summer Olympics

The cycling competition at the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal consisted of two road cycling events and four track cycling events, all for men only. The 2000m tandem event, contested at the previous 13 Games since 1908, was dropped from the Olympic cycling program.[1]

at the Games of the XXI Olympiad
Olympic rings without rims.svg
VenuesMont Royal Park
Montreal Olympic Velodrome
Date18 July - 24 July
Competitors295 from 49 nations
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Medal summaryEdit

Road cyclingEdit

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Individual road race
Bernt Johansson
Giuseppe Martinelli
Mieczysław Nowicki
Team time trial
  Soviet Union (URS)
Aavo Pikkuus
Valery Chaplygin
Anatoly Chukanov
Vladimir Kaminsky
  Poland (POL)
Ryszard Szurkowski
Tadeusz Mytnik
Mieczysław Nowicki
Stanisław Szozda
  Denmark (DEN)
Jørn Lund
Verner Blaudzun
Gert Frank
Jørgen Hansen

Track cyclingEdit

Games Gold Silver Bronze
Individual pursuit
Gregor Braun
  West Germany
Herman Ponsteen
Thomas Huschke
  East Germany
Team pursuit
  West Germany (FRG)
Peter Vonhof
Gregor Braun
Hans Lutz
Günther Schumacher
  Soviet Union (URS)
Viktor Sokolov
Vladimir Osokin
Aleksandr Perov
Vitaly Petrakov
  Great Britain (GBR)
Ian Hallam
Ian Banbury
Michael Bennett
Robin Croker
Anton Tkáč
Daniel Morelon
Jürgen Geschke
  East Germany
1 km time trial
Klaus-Jürgen Grünke
  East Germany
Michel Vaarten
Niels Fredborg

Participating nationsEdit

295 cyclists from 49 nations competed.[1]

Medal tableEdit

1  West Germany2002
2  Soviet Union1102
3  East Germany1023
4  Czechoslovakia1001
6  Poland0112
7  Belgium0101
11  Denmark0022
12  Great Britain0011
Totals (12 nations)66618


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