Cycling at the 1980 Summer Olympics

Cycling competitions at the 1980 Summer Olympics were split into two categories: Road and Track. Six events were contested (all for men). All four events of the track cycling were held at the Velodrome of the Trade Unions Olympic Sports Centre (Krylatskoye district, Moscow). The 100 km team time trial event was held along the Moscow-Minsk highway. It started from 23rd kilometre off Moscow, had a turning point at 73.5 kilometre off Moscow and finished not far from the starting point. The individual road race event (14 laps, 189 kilometres total) was held at the Olympic Cycling Circuit of the Trade Unions Olympic Centre.[1][2]

at the Games of the XXII Olympiad
Krylatskoye Velodrome in 2008
VenuesKrylatskoye Sports Complex Cycling Circuit
Krylatskoye Sports Complex Velodrome
Date20 –28 July 1980
Competitors230 from 34 nations
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1984 →

Women's cycling was not part of the programme for the last time, being introduced in 1984.

Medal summary edit

Road cycling edit

Games Gold Silver Bronze
Individual road race
Sergei Sukhoruchenkov
  Soviet Union
Czesław Lang
Yuri Barinov
  Soviet Union
Team time trial
  Soviet Union (URS)
Yury Kashirin
Oleg Logvin
Sergei Shelpakov
Anatoly Yarkin
  East Germany (GDR)
Falk Boden
Bernd Drogan
Olaf Ludwig
Hans-Joachim Hartnick
  Czechoslovakia (TCH)
Michal Klasa
Vlastibor Konečný
Alipi Kostadinov
Jiří Škoda

Track cycling edit

Games Gold Silver Bronze
Individual pursuit
Robert Dill-Bundi
Alain Bondue
Hans-Henrik Ørsted
Team pursuit
  Soviet Union (URS)
Viktor Manakov
Valery Movchan
Vladimir Osokin
Vitaly Petrakov
Aleksandr Krasnov
  East Germany (GDR)
Gerald Mortag
Uwe Unterwalder
Matthias Wiegand
Volker Winkler
  Czechoslovakia (TCH)
Teodor Černý
Martin Penc
Jiří Pokorný
Igor Sláma
Lutz Heßlich
  East Germany
Yavé Cahard
Sergei Kopylov
  Soviet Union
1 km time trial
Lothar Thoms
  East Germany
Aleksandr Panfilov
  Soviet Union
David Weller

Participating nations edit

230 cyclists from 34 nations competed.[1]

Medal table edit

1  Soviet Union3126
2  East Germany2204
3  Switzerland1001
4  France0202
5  Poland0101
6  Czechoslovakia0022
7  Denmark0011
Totals (8 entries)66618

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