1939–40 Cupa României

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The 1939–40 Cupa României was the seventh edition of Romania's most prestigious football cup competition.

1939–40 Cupa României
ChampionsRapid București
Runners-upVenus București

The trophy was won by Rapid București after 4 finals, first three was draws. They defeated Venus București.


The competition is an annual knockout tournament with pairings for each round drawn at random.

There are no seeds for the draw. The draw also determines which teams will play at home. Each tie is played as a single leg.

If a match is drawn after 90 minutes, the game goes in extra time, and if the scored is still tight after 120 minutes, there a replay will be played, usually at the ground of the team who were away for the first game.

From the first edition, the teams from Divizia A entered in competition in sixteen finals, rule which remained till today.

The format is almost similar with the oldest recognised football tournament in the world FA Cup.


First round properEdit

Team 1  Score  Team 2
8 November 1939
Rapid București (Div. A) 5–2 (District) Socec Lafayette București
12 November 1939
AS Metrom Brașov (Div. B) 2–1 (District) CS Lonea
Unirea Tricolor București (Div. A) 4–0 (District) Viforul Dacia București
IS Câmpia Turzii (Div. B) 2–0 (Div. B) Maccabi București
FC Craiova (Div. B) 0–1 (Div. A) Sportul Studențesc București
FC Ploiești (Div. B) 1–0 (Div. A) Juventus București
Caurom Cernăuți (District) 2–9 (Div. A) Victoria Cluj
Maccabi Chișinău (Div. B) 1–4 (Div. B) AS Constanța
Sparta Mediaș (Div. B) 2–6 (Div. A) Venus București
Olimpia CFR Satu Mare (Div. B) 3–1 (Div. A) Gloria CFR Galați
Carmen București (District) 5–2 (Div. B) Gloria Arad
SSMR Reșița (Div. B) 5–2 (a.e.t.) (Div. A) UD Reșița
Metalosport Ferdinand (District) 1–2 (Div. A) CAM Timișoara
FC Brăila (Div. B) 2–1 (Div. A) AMEF Arad
Dragoş Vodă Cernăuţi (Div. B) 4–3 (Div. A) Ripensia Timișoara
18 February 1939
Carpați Baia Mare (Div. A) 4–0 (District) Olympia București

Second round properEdit

Team 1  Score  Team 2
27 February 1940
CAM Timișoara 1–5 Sportul Studențesc București
Victoria Cluj 5–2 IS Câmpia Turzii
Venus București 5–2 Carmen București
Olimpia CFR Satu Mare 1–2 (a.e.t.) FC Brăila
Carpați Baia Mare 3–0 (forfeit) SSMR Reșița
AS Metrom Brașov 0–3 (forfeit) Dragoş Vodă Cernăuţi
AS Constanța 0–3 (forfeit) Rapid București
6 March 1940
Unirea Tricolor București 1–2 (a.e.t.) FC Ploiești


Team 1  Score  Team 2
16 March 1940
Venus București 3–1 Carpați Baia Mare
17 March 1940
Sportul Studențesc București 6–2 Dragoş Vodă Cernăuţi
Rapid București 2–0 FC Ploiești
FC Brăila 2–0 Victoria Cluj


Team 1  Score  Team 2
28 April 1940
FC Brăila 0–2 Rapid București
Venus București 4–2 Sportul Studențesc București


Rapid București2 – 2 (a.e.t.)Venus București
Baratky   22'
Sipos   33'
Report Iordache   42'
Ploeşteanu   86'
Attendance: 20,000
Referee: Emil Kroner (Bucharest)


Rapid București4 – 4 (a.e.t.)Venus București
Gavrilescu   8'
Baratky   10'
Sipos   61'
Auer   79'
Report Humis   5',   18'
Orza   16'
Bodola   52'
Attendance: 14,000
Referee: Emil Kroner (Bucharest)

Second replayEdit

Rapid București2 – 2 (a.e.t.)Venus București
Baratky   59',   93' Report Iordache   85'
Eisenbeisser   103'
Attendance: 12,000
Referee: Tică Iliescu (Bucharest)

Third replayEdit

Rapid București2 – 1Venus București
Baratky   57'
Gavrilescu   74'
Report Eisenbeisser   86'
Attendance: 12,000
Referee: Mihail Petrescu (Bucharest)

 Cupa României 1939–40 Winners 
Rapid București
5th title


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