1940–41 Cupa României

The 1940–41 Cupa României was the eighth edition of Romania's most prestigious football cup competition.

1940–41 Cupa României
ChampionsRapid București
Runners-upUnirea Tricolor București

The trophy was won by Rapid București for the fifth time in a row and for the sixth time from eight editions played. They defeated Unirea Tricolor București. For Unirea Tricolor București it was the second final lost after the 1936 Cupa României Final.

The final was postponed several times by the organizers because of the uncertainty caused by the beginning of the World War II. Finally, the last act was scheduled on 7 September 1941. The match ball is said to have been a Soviet football found in Tiraspol; after the game, the ball was after offered to the winners.[1][2]


The competition is an annual knockout tournament with pairings for each round drawn at random.

There are no seeds for the draw. The draw also determines which teams will play at home. Each tie is played as a single leg.

If a match is drawn after 90 minutes, the game goes in extra time, and if the scored is still tight after 120 minutes, there a replay will be played, usually at the ground of the team who were away for the first game.

From the first edition, the teams from Divizia A entered in competition in sixteen finals, rule which remained till today.

The format is almost similar with the oldest recognised football tournament in the world FA Cup.


First round properEdit

Team 1  Score  Team 2
16 October 1940
Unirea Tricolor București (Div. A) 3–2 (District) Militari București
Rapid București (Div. A) 4–3 (District) Leonida București
Venus București (Div. A) 4–2 (District) CFR București Triaj
27 October 1940
Gloria CFR Galați (Div. A) 3–0 (a.e.t.) (Div. A) FC Brăila
Jiul Petroșani (Div. B) 2–0 (Div. A) UD Reșița
Astra Sportivă Metrom Brașov (District) 1–7 (Div. A) Sportul Studențesc București
Juventus București (Div. B) 4–1 (District) Socec Lafayette București
Rapid Timișoara (Div. B) 5–2 (Div. A) Gloria Arad
UM Cugir (District) 5–2 (Div. B) Chinezul Timișoara
Ateneul Tătărași (Div. B) 5–10 (a.e.t.) (Div. B) Franco-Româna Brăila
CFR Turnu Severin (Div. B) 3–1 (Div. A) FC Craiova
Metalosort Călan (Div. B) 2–1 (Div. A) Aurul Brad
AS Constanța (Div. B) 2–3 (Div. A) FC Ploiești
Carmen București (District) 3–2 (Div. B) Olympia București
8 November 1940
Crişana CFR Arad (Div. B) 4–2 (a.e.t.) (Div. A) Ripensia Timișoara
Electrica Timișoara (Div. B) 2–1 (Div. B) CFR Timișoara

Second round properEdit

Team 1  Score  Team 2
20 April 1941
UM Cugir 1–3 Juventus București
23 April 1941
CFR Turnu Severin 1–2 Rapid Timișoara
Venus București 3–2 (a.e.t.) Sportul Studențesc București
FC Ploiești 1–0 Carmen București
Franco-Româna Brăila 0–3 (a.e.t.) Unirea Tricolor București
Gloria CFR Galați 0–3 Rapid București
Metalosort Călan 3–0 (forfait) Jiul Petroșani
24 April 1941
Crişana CFR Arad 2–1 Electrica Timișoara


Team 1  Score  Team 2
22 May 1941
Rapid Timișoara 4–0 FC Ploiești
25 May 1941
Venus București 3–0 Crişana CFR Arad
Unirea Tricolor București 6–0 Metalosport Călan
Rapid București 5–1 Juventus București


Team 1  Score  Team 2
11 June 1941
Unirea Tricolor București 4–1 Rapid Timișoara
Rapid București 4–2 Venus București


Rapid București4 – 3Unirea Tricolor București
Florian   4'
Baratky   48'
Bogdan   49',   52'
Report Criciotoiu   31' (pen),   55',   75'
Attendance: 9,000
Referee: Mihail Petrescu (Bucharest)

 Cupa României 1940–41 Winners 
Rapid București
6th title


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