Cumberland Highway

The Cumberland Highway is a 34-kilometre (21 mi) long urban highway located in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.[1][2] The highway links the Pacific Highway (A1/B83) and Pacific Motorway (M1) at Pearces Corner, Wahroonga in the northeast with the Hume Highway (A22/A28) at Liverpool in the southwest.[4]

Cumberland Highway

(1)Pennant Hills Road Thornleigh.jpg
Cumberland Highway as Pennant Hills Road at Thornleigh in 2016
Cumberland Highway is located in Sydney
NE end
NE end
SW end
SW end
General information
Length34 km (21 mi)[1][2]
Route number(s)
  • A28 (2013–present)
    Entire length
  • Concurrency:
  • A40
    (North Parramatta–Constitution Hill)
route number
  • See Pennant Hills Road
    (Wahroonga–North Parramatta)
  • State Route 40 (2007–2013)
  • Metroad 7 (1993–2005)
  • State Route 77 (1988–1993)
  • State Route 53 (1977–1988)[3]
  • (North Parramatta–Constitution Hill)
  • Metroad 7 (1993–2005)
  • State Route 77 (1988–1993)
  • (Constitution Hill–Liverpool)
Major junctions
NE end Pacific Highway
Wahroonga, Sydney
SW end Hume Highway
Liverpool, Sydney
Highway system

The entire length of Cumberland Highway is designated route A28.

The name of the highway is derived from the Cumberland Plain and Cumberland County. The name Cumberland was conferred on the County by Governor Arthur Phillip in honour of Ernest Augustus, Duke of Cumberland.[5]


The Cumberland Highway and Pennant Hills Road overhead road sign north-eastbound at Carlingford.

The original western Sydney Bypass was Ring Road 5, which ran from the Pacific Highway and the Hume Highway with Parramatta in between. In 1974, Ring Road 5 was superseded by State Route 55. The growth of Sydney's west had instead turned it into a primary arterial with huge increase in freight traffic.


In December 1981, Old Windsor Road was realigned at its southern end. A section of new road was constructed between the old alignment of Old Windsor Road (now Harris Road) and the realigned Old Windsor Road, replacing another old alignment of Old Windsor Road (now Ferndale Close).[6] This new road section would eventually form part of the Cumberland Highway a few years later.[7]

In 1984, the state government announced a new Cumberland Highway that would supersede the Church Street/Woodville Road route as the major connection between the Pacific and Hume Highways. The existing roads of Hart Drive, Freame St, Emert St, Jersey Rd, Betts Rd, Warren Rd, Smithfield Rd, Palmerston Rd, Cambridge St, Joseph St and Orange Grove Rd were widened and connected to each other to form a continuous road. The first of these to be completed was between Harris Road and Freame Street railway underpass at Wentworthville.[7]

In August 1988, the Cumberland Highway was finally completed, with the completion of the section between the Great Western Highway and Jersey Road. State Route 77 was proclaimed and allocated to the entire length of the highway.[7]

Metroad 7Edit

Metroad 7 replaced State Route 77 in June 1993 and the highway was designated by the Federal Government as an interim National Highway in 1994 until the completion of Westlink M7. When Metroad 7 was introduced, it went along Heathcote Road to the then Metroad 1 (now A1) at Heathcote. The southern section of Heathcote Road was replaced by the then Metroad 6 (now A6) in 1998, and Metroad 7 was therefore truncated to the end of Cumberland Highway at Liverpool.[8]

Since 1994, various parts of the Cumberland Highway were upgraded which included the widening of Pennant Hills Road.[7]

With the opening of the Westlink M7 motorway in December 2005, the Metroad 7 route south of M2 Hills Motorway was decommissioned and rerouted onto the Westlink M7, leaving only the section north of the M2 Hills Motorway to retain the Metroad 7 route marker. The Metroad 6 was extended northwards from Carlingford to join M2 Hills Motorway at the same time. This was the condition it had stayed until 2013.

With the introduction of alphanumeric routes in New South Wales, the entire Cumberland Highway was allocated the A28 route in May–June 2013 and Metroad 7 was completely decommissioned.[4]

The NorthConnex, opened in October 2020, links the M2 Hills Motorway at West Pennant Hills with the Pacific Highway and Pacific Motorway at Wahroonga via a 9-kilometre (5.6 mi) motorway tunnel that aims to reduce congestion and improve traffic flow along the Pennant Hills Road section of the Cumberland Highway.[9]


Cumberland Highway overpasses Polding Street in Fairfield West.
  • Pennant Hills Road (from Wahroonga to North Parramatta)
  • James Ruse Drive (from North Parramatta to Northmead)
  • Briens Road
  • Old Windsor Road
  • Hart Drive
  • Freame Street
  • Emert Street
  • Jersey Road
  • Betts Road
  • Warren Road
  • Smithfield Road
  • Palmerston Road
  • New Cambridge Street
  • Cambridge Street
  • Joseph Street
  • Orange Grove Road

Exits and interchangesEdit

HornsbyWahroonga0.00.0   Pacific Highway (A1 east) – Chatswood, Crows Nest, Lane Cove, Sydney CBD, Sydney Airport
  Pacific Highway (B83 north) – Hornsby, Asquith, Brooklyn
  Pennant Hills Road (A28 south) – Pennant Hills
Pearces Corner intersection: north-eastern terminus of Cumberland Highway and route A28; continues south along Pennant Hills Road
0.250.16  Pacific Motorway (M1 north) – Gosford, Newcastle, Brisbane
NorthConnex (south) – Carlingford, Prestons
The HillsPennant Hills5.03.1Beecroft Road – Beecroft, EppingSouthbound and northbound exits only
5.33.3Beecroft Road – Beecroft, EppingSouthbound and northbound entrances only
West Pennant Hills6.74.2Castle Hill Road – Castle Hill, Windsor
7.74.8NorthConnex – Wahroonga, Gosford, NewcastleNorthConnex tunnel, northbound entry and southbound exit only
7.94.9   M2 Hills Motorway (M2 east) – Macquarie Park, Lane Cove, Sydney CBD, Sydney Airport
  M2 Hills Motorway (M2 west) – Baulkham Hills, Seven Hills, Eastern Creek via Westlink M7 and to Canberra, Melbourne
ParramattaCarlingford10.56.5  Marsden Road (A6) – Eastwood, Silverwater to Sydney Olympic Park
North Parramatta14.79.1   James Ruse Drive (A28 north/A40 north) – Wentworthville, Windsor, Liverpool, Canberra
  James Ruse Drive (A40 south) – Rosehill, to M4 Western Motorway (M4)
  Pennant Hills Road (A28 east) – Carlingford, Pennant Hills, Wahroonga
Pennant Hills Road (west) – North Parramatta, Parramatta
Cumberland Highway (A28) continues north along James Ruse Drive, east along Pennant Hills Road
Eastern terminus of concurrency with route A40
Northmead16.310.1Windsor Road – Windsor, ParramattaCumberland Highway (A28/A40) continues west as Briens Road, east as James Ruse Drive
17.510.9Briens Road (west) – Westmead, to Westmead and Children's hospitalsCumberland Highway (A28/A40) continues north as Old Windsor Road, east as Briens Road
18.011.2  Hart Drive (A28 west) – Wentworthville
  Old Windsor Road (A40 north)  – Windsor
   Old Windsor Road (A28 south/A40 south)  – North Parramatta
Cumberland Highway (A28) continues west along Hart Drive, south along Old Windsor Road
Western terminus of concurrency with route A40
Wentworthville19.512.1Darcy Road to Westmead and Children's hospitals
21.013.0  Great Western Highway (A44) – Parramatta, Eastern CreekCumberland Highway (A28) continues north as Emert Street, south as Jersey Road
21.213.2   M4 Western Motorway (M4) – Parramatta, Eastern Creek, Penrith, Sydney CBD, Sydney Airport
CumberlandSmithfield26.216.3The Horsley Drive – Fairfield, Wetherill Park, to Westlink M7
Fairfield27.617.1Polding Street – Fairfield, Prairiewood
Smithfield Road (south-west) – Edensor Park
Cumberland Highway (A28) continues north-east as Smithfield Road, south as Palmerston Road
Cabramatta West32.119.9Cabramatta Road West – Cabramatta, Bonnyrigg, to Westlink M7
LiverpoolLiverpool34.021.1   Hume Highway (A22) – Merrylands, Liverpool, Prestons, to Sydney CBD, Sydney Airport via M5 South Western Motorway, Canberra, Melbourne via M31 Hume MotorwaySouth-western terminus of Cumberland Highway, route A28 continues south along Hume Highway until its M31 continuation.

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