Crispi III Cabinet

The Crispi III Cabinet held office from 15 December 1893 until 14 June 1894, a total of 181 days, or 5 months and 30 days.[1]

Crispi III Cabinet
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31st Cabinet of Italy
Francesco Crispi crop.jpg
Date formed15 December 1893
Date dissolved14 June 1894
People and organisations
Head of stateUmberto I
Head of governmentFrancesco Crispi
Total no. of members11
Member partyHistorical Left
PredecessorGiolitti I Cabinet
SuccessorCrispi IV Cabinet

Government partiesEdit

The government was composed by the following parties:

Party Ideology Leader
Historical Left Liberalism Francesco Crispi
Historical Right Conservatism Antonio Starabba di Rudinì


Office Name Party Term
Prime Minister Francesco Crispi Historical Left (1893–1894)
Minister of the Interior Francesco Crispi Historical Left (1893–1894)
Minister of Foreign Affairs Alberto Blanc Historical Left (1893–1894)
Minister of Grace and Justice Vincenzo Calenda di Tavani Historical Left (1893–1894)
Minister of Finance Sidney Sonnino Historical Right (1893–1894)
Minister of Treasury Sidney Sonnino Historical Right (1893–1894)
Minister of War Stanislao Mocenni Military (1893–1894)
Minister of the Navy Enrico Morin Military (1893–1894)
Minister of Agriculture, Industry and Commerce Paolo Boselli Historical Right (1893–1894)
Minister of Public Works Giuseppe Saracco Historical Left (1893–1894)
Minister of Public Education Guido Baccelli Historical Left (1893–1894)
Minister of Post and Telegraphs Maggiorino Ferraris Historical Left (1893–1894)