Criminal Investigation Bureau

Coordinates: 25°02′33.3″N 121°33′44.2″E / 25.042583°N 121.562278°E / 25.042583; 121.562278

The Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB; Chinese: 刑事警察局; pinyin: Xíngshì Jǐngchájú) is the agency of National Police Agency under the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of China.

Criminal Investigation Bureau
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Agency overview
Formed1 September 1973[1]
JurisdictionRepublic of China
HeadquartersXinyi, Taipei, Taiwan
Agency executive
  • Huang Ming-chao, Commissioner
Parent agencyNational Police Agency


The CIB was established on 1 September 1973. On 28 March 1974, CIB took over the duties of National Central Bureau Taipei (NCB Taipei) to liaise with Interpol. In 1998, the Taiwan Provincial Police Administration Criminal Police Corps was dissolved and its personnel and responsibilities were merged into CIB.[2]

Organizational structureEdit

  • Commissioner
  • Deputy Commissioners
  • Crime Investigation Affairs Division
  • Crime Prevention Affairs Division
  • Anti-Organized Crime Division
  • Legal Affairs Division
  • Criminal Records Division
  • International Criminal Affairs Divisions
  • Cross-Strait Affairs Division
  • Economic Crimes Division
  • Forensic Examination Division
  • Fingerprint Division
  • Forensic Biology Division
  • Research and Development Division
  • Criminal Information Division
  • Electronic Surveillance Division
  • Crime Prevention and Detection Commanding Center
  • Public Relations Office
  • Secretarial Office
  • Logistic Service Division
  • Personnel Office
  • Accounting Office
  • Government Ethics Office
  • Internal Affairs and Training Division
  • 1st Investigation Corp
  • 2nd Investigation Corp
  • 3rd Investigation Corp
  • 4th Investigation Corp
  • 5th Investigation Corp
  • 6th Investigation Corp
  • 7th Investigation Corp
  • 8th Investigation Corp
  • 9th Investigation Corp
  • Telecommunications Investigation Corp
  • Security Guard Unit


  • Liu Po-liang
  • Huang Ming-chao


The bureau is accessible within walking distance north west from Taipei City Hall Station of the Taipei Metro.

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