Creil–Jeumont railway

The railway from Creil to Jeumont is an important French 187-kilometre long railway line, that connects Creil, a northern suburb of Paris, to Jeumont on the Belgian border. It was opened in several stages between 1847 and 1855.[3] The opening of the LGV Nord high speed line from Paris to Lille in 1993 has decreased its importance for passenger traffic.

Creil–Jeumont railway
LocaleFrance (Hauts-de-France)
TerminiGare de Creil
Gare de Jeumont
Line length187 km (116 mi)
Number of tracksDouble track[2]
Track gauge1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in) standard gauge
Electrification25 kV 50 Hz[1]
Route map
Line from Paris - Nord
from Persan-Beaumont
from Beauvais
50.3 Creil
51.0 to Lille
52.9 Villers-Saint-Paul
55.6 Rieux-Angicourt
61.9 Pont-Sainte-Maxence
68.7 Chevrières
71.3 Longueil-Sainte-Marie
to Ormoy-Villers
74.6 Le Meux-La Croix-Saint-Ouen
78.2 Jaux
83.2 from Montdidier
83.6 Compiègne
to Vic-sur-Aisne
87.1 Choisy-au-Bac
90.1 Longueil-Annel
91.8 Thourotte
96.8 Ribécourt
100.8 Ourscamps
107.0 Noyon
115.3 Appilly
123.3 Chauny
to Saint-Gobain
126.1 Viry-Noureuil
from Laon
130.9 Tergnier
135.4 Mennessis
to Amiens
140.9 Montescourt
to Origny-Sainte-Benoite
153.0 Saint-Quentin
170.1 Fresnoy-le-Grand
174.5 Bohain
180.4 Busigny
to Cambrai
189.7 Le Cateau
196.5 Ors
201.4 Landrecies
207.0 Hachette
from Charleville-Mézières
214.2 to Valenciennes
215.6 Aulnoye-Aymeries
223.9 Hautmont
from Bavay
226.3 Sous-le-Bois
Line to Mons (B)
227.3 Louvroil
228.4 Maubeuge
to Cousolre
231.7 Les Bons-Pères
234.3 Recquignies
237.8 Jeumont
border France/Belgium
Line to Charleroi (B)


The Creil–Jeumont railway begins near the Gare de Creil, where it branches off the Paris–Lille railway. It follows the river Oise upstream on its right bank, in generally northeastern direction. It passes through Pont-Sainte-Maxence, Compiègne, Noyon and Chauny until it turns north at Tergnier, leaving the Oise valley. It reaches the river Somme at Saint-Quentin and continues northeast. It passes through Busigny, Le Cateau-Cambrésis, and reaches the river Sambre at Ors. It follows the Sambre downstream through Aulnoye-Aymeries and the industrial town Maubeuge until it reaches its terminus Jeumont. The railway continues to Erquelinnes and Charleroi in Belgium.

Main stationsEdit

The main stations on the Creil–Jeumont railway are:


The railway was built by the Compagnie des chemins de fer du Nord. The first section that was opened in 1847 led from Creil, on the Paris–Lille railway, to Compiègne. The line was extended to Chauny in 1849, and to Saint-Quentin in 1850. Finally in 1855 the section from Saint-Quentin to Jeumont was opened.[3] Being connected to the Belgian railway network at Hautmont (towards Mons, Brussels and Amsterdam) and at Jeumont (towards Charleroi, Liège and Cologne), the railway was very important for international traffic. Since the opening of the LGV Nord high speed line between Paris and Lille in 1993, most long-distance and all international passenger traffic has shifted away from the classical Creil–Jeumont line. It remains an important railway for freight traffic and regional passenger traffic.


An Intercités train in Tergnier station

The Creil–Jeumont railway is used by the following passenger services:


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