Coppa Italia (men's water polo)

The men's Coppa Italia is the water polo domestic Cup of Italy. The trophy is organized by FIN and reserved to Serie A1 teams. The first edition took place in 1970 and the most successful club is Pro Recco, winner of the competition for 16 times.[1]

Coppa Italia
Coccarda Coppa Italia.svg
Organising bodyFIN
Founded1970; 52 years ago (1970)
Region Italy
Related competitionsSerie A1
Women's Coppa Italia
Current championsPro Recco
Most successful club(s)Pro Recco (16 titles)
Television broadcastersRAI, Waterpolo Channel

History and formatEdit

The first edition of the trophy was held in 1970 and was won by Canottieri Napoli. Later, Coppa Italia was held discontinuously except for a nine-years streak of back-to-back seasons between 1984–85 and 1992–93.[2]

The trophy was resumed regularly starting from 2004–05 season. Since this last inception, the most successful team has been Pro Recco, which won the Cup for 13 times out of 15 editions.[1] The trophy, as of the 2018–19 season, is contested by all the Serie A1 teams. The participants competes in one or two round-robin qualification stages and then face each other in a knock-out final round.[3] In the most recent Olympic years (2016 and 2020), the Cup has been restricted to the teams ranked from 1st to 4th place in the first half of the Serie A1 regular season, due to the clubs' and National teams' overcrowded calendar.[4][5]


Titles by ClubEdit

# Team Titles
1   Pro Recco 16
2   Pescara 5
3   RN Savona 3
4   Canottieri Napoli 1
  RN Florentia 1
  CN Posillipo 1
  RN Arenzano 1
  Canottieri Bissolati 1
  AN Brescia 1

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