Conference of Slovak Bishops

The Conference of Bishops of Slovakia (Konferencia biskupov Slovenska) (KBS), was established on 23 March 1993, and is composed of the Catholic Bishops, both Latin Catholic and Greek Catholic, in the Slovak Republic.

Logo of the bishops' conference


The bishops gather together to clarify the form and manner of the apostolic activities in Slovakia. They gather and act in accordance with various Church laws which take into account local circumstances (cf. c. 447 and 449, § 1 CIC).

The conference is based on the law itself have legal personality (cf. c. 449, § 2 CIC).

The conference includes all diocesan bishops of the Slovak Republic and according to their rights on a par with the position, and coadjutor bishops, auxiliary bishops and other titular bishops who are in that territory or outside it perform a specific task entrusted to them the Apostolic See or the Episcopal Conference of the common good of the country (cf. c. 450, § 1 CIC).

Members of the conference as well as diocesan bishops and their rights under par for the position, and coadjutor bishops, auxiliary bishops of the Byzantine rite in the Slovak Republic belonging to another Bishops' Conference. Emeritus Bishops are not members of the Episcopal Conference of Slovakia, but may be invited as consultors of several plenary sessions and to be members of some episcopal commissions. The sessions and committees include: Plenary Session, the Permanent Council General Secretariat, Council for Economic Affairs and the Committee and the Conference Board provided for a defined purpose (cf. c. 451, CIC), according to the Statute of the Slovak Bishops' Conference adopted on 21 6th 2000, Art. 1 to 4.

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President: Metropolitan Archbishop Stanislav Zvolenský

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