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Concentric Sky is a software development company located in Eugene, Oregon. The company was founded in 2005 by Wayne Skipper,[1] and has since grown to nearly 90 employees.[2] In 2015, Cale Bruckner was promoted to President of the company. Skipper continues to serve as CEO.[3]

Privately held company
FounderWayne Skipper
ServicesSoftware Design & Development


Concentric Sky has grown steadily since it was founded in 2005.[4][5] In 2008, the company announced a partnership with GoldMoney to create an iPhone app to allow the transfer of digital units of gold.[6]

In 2009, the company formed a partnership with Encyclopædia Britannica to launch a series of iOS apps for the K-12 education market.[7][8][9] That same year, the company released the official iOS app for NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day[10][11][12][13][14] and also developed the website for film maker Michael Moore's Capitalism: A Love Story.[15]

In 2010, Concentric Sky Founder Wayne Skipper was asked to submit expert testimony to the Federal Trade Commission regarding Google's acquisition of Admob.[16][17] That same year, the company partnered with the World Bank[18] to develop a series of data visualization apps and partnered with National Geographic to design and build a series of official study apps for the National Geographic Bee.[4] In 2010, the Internet Engineering Task Force voted to make the company a development partner.[19]

In 2011, the company partnered with the United Nations to develop a data visualization app to support the UN's annual reports.[20] That same year, the company was named "the only App Developer officially endorsed by Mashable."[21]

In 2012, the company designed and built an iPad version of the Encyclopædia Britannica.[22] The app received widespread recognition,[23][24][25][26][27] including an Appy Award.[28]

In 2013, products featuring Concentric Sky's work for partner Cengage Learning won 2 Codie awards.[29] That same year, the company's work resulted in a US patent for usability improvements to electronic medical records.[30]

In 2014, the company joined the Open Badges movement and launched the Oregon Badge Alliance with partners including Oregon State University.[31] Later that year, the company released an open source Android viewer app for Khan Academy content.[32]

In 2015, the company led the development of Open Badges 2.0 in partnership with MacArthur Foundation spin off, Collective Shift.[33][34] That same year, the company launched the open source project Badgr with partner edX.[35] The use of Badgr grew rapidly,[36] and by early 2018 the product had grown to serve nearly 10,000 organizations around the world.[2]

In 2016, the company announced a broad partnership with Collective Shift focused on advancements in education technology and workforce readiness. Under this partnership, the company developed LRNG and took over development of GlassLab Games, which included the educational variants of several popular video games including Civilization and SimCity.[37] GlassLab Games was shutdown at the end of 2018, and Concentric Sky worked to release many of the games open source.[38]

In 2017, the company became a founding member of the IEEE Industry Consortium for Learning Engineering,[39] and announced partnerships with the California Community Colleges System,[40] Georgia Department of Education,[41] and SURFnet.[42][43] The success of the company's Badgr product led to Founder Wayne Skipper being interviewed broadly in the education community,[44][45][46][47][48] as well as Badgr's inclusion in the European Commission Joint Research Centre's 2017 "Blockchain in Education" report.[49] That same year, the company offered digital badges to commemorate The Great American Eclipse,[50] and another product featuring the company's work for partner Cengage Learning won a Codie award.[51]

In 2018, the company expanded the digital badges ecosystem by releasing an open technology standard called Open Pathways,[52][53][54][55] which became a primary component of the Comprehensive Learner Record.[56] That same year, Mozilla announced the retirement of the Mozilla Backpack and the migration of its users to Badgr,[34] the company announced a new suite of open source tools for edX,[57] Badgr was selected as the native badging solution for the Canvas Learning Management System,[58] the company announced a 4 year partnership with the community college system of Washington State,[59] and products featuring the company's work for partner Cengage Learning won another 2 Codie awards.[60] Later that year, the company’s EdRec initiative was named a winner of the US Dept of Education Reimagining Higher Education Ecosystem Challenge for its blockchain-based approach to digital transcripts.[56][61]


Concentric Sky is known for its creative company culture.[5][62][63] In 2012, the company dubbed its local metro region the Silicon Shire.[64] The company hosts events to promote the Silicon Shire region and facilitate dialog between the public and private sectors,[65] and also offers a shared working space for local tech entrepreneurs.[66]


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