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Coordinates: 43°58′N 12°43′E / 43.967°N 12.717°E / 43.967; 12.717

The Conca is a river in the Marche and Emilia-Romagna regions of Italy. Its source is Monte Carpegna, which is in the Montefeltro part of the province of Pesaro e Urbino.[1] The river flows northeast near Macerata Feltria and Mercatino Conca before crossing into the province of Rimini.[2] The river then flows past Morciano di Romagna before entering the Adriatic Sea southeast of Misano Adriatico and northwest of Cattolica.

2007-05-11 Foce del fiume Conca (Portoverde-Misano Adriatico).jpg
The river at Misano Adriatico
Physical characteristics
 - locationMonte Carpegna in Montefeltro
 - elevation1,200 m (3,900 ft)
 - location
Adriatic Sea near Misano Adriatico
Length47 km (29 mi)
 - average1.5 m3/s (53 cu ft/s)


During World War II, the British and their allies defeated the Germans in a battle near the Conca. The Conca was part of the German defenses known as the Gothic Line. This battle took place in 1944 and was known as Operation Olive.


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