Commons (disambiguation)

Commons is a general term for shared resources, typically used in political economic theory. It may also refer to:

Shared resourcesEdit

Computing and InternetEdit

  • Apache Commons, repository of reusable Java programming language components
  • Creative Commons, licensing system for creative works
  • Digital commons (economics), a form of commons involving the distribution and communal ownership of informational resources and technology
  • Digital Commons (Elsevier), a commercial, hosted institutional repository platform owned by RELX Group
  • Wikimedia Commons, a project of the Wikimedia Foundation that serves as an online repository of images, sound, and other media files


Northern Ireland townlandsEdit

Shopping centersEdit

  • Algonquin Commons, a large outdoor shopping center in Algonquin, Illinois, US, often referred to as "the Commons"
  • Ithaca Commons, a shopping street in Ithaca, New York, US



Other usesEdit

  • House of Commons, the elected lower houses of the parliaments of the United Kingdom and Canada, colloquially referred to as "the Commons"
  • Commons, a concurrency road or other place where multiple roadways share pavement
  • Asia Commons, a conference
  • Commons, a chilean political party.

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