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Committees for the Defense of the Republic

The Committees for the Defence of the Republic (Catalan: Comitès de Defensa de la República), or CDR, previously named Committees for the Defense of the Referendum, are a network of assemblies that function on a local, regional and national level in Catalonia with the purpose to defend, at its creation, the Catalan independence referendum and later the Catalan Republic, normally from a pacifist and civil perspective.[1] The assemblies include members of social and cultural organisations, pro-independence parties and citizens who seek to organise themselves against the alleged repression of the Spanish Government in each town and district.

Committees for the Defence of the Republic
Comités de Defensa de la República.png
FocusDefend the Catalan Republic
Area served

The CDRs were created in September 2017, as voluntary groups founded by a diverse collective of popular associations. Their initial goal was to collaborate with the implementation of the Catalan independence referendum (1-O) which had been suspended by the Spanish Constitutional Court. After the referendum, the Committees promoted demonstrations against the Spanish police and organized several actions during the general strike of October 2017.[2][3]


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