Colomba is a 1948 French historical drama film directed by Émile Couzinet and starring José Luccioni, Édouard Delmont and Pierre Magnier.[1] [2] The film's sets were designed by the art director René Renneteau. Location shooting took place around Corsica. It is an adaptation of the 1840 novella of the same name by Prosper Mérimée.[3] A Hollywood version of the story Vendetta was released two years later.

Directed byÉmile Couzinet
Written byEmile Couzinet
Based onColomba by Prosper Mérimée
Produced byEmile Couzinet
StarringJosé Luccioni
Édouard Delmont
Pierre Magnier
CinematographyJean Bourgoin
Music byVincent Scotto
Henri Tomasi
Burgus Films
Distributed byBurgus Films
Release date
  • 14 June 1948 (1948-06-14)
Running time
94 minutes

Synopsis edit

In Corsica in the 1860s, a young man returns to the island at the behest of his sister Colomba who wants him to pursue the traditional vendetta against those who have killed his father. Yet he meets a young Englishwoman who he is attracted to and tries to dissuade him from shedding blood.

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