Collection (2NE1 album)

Collection is the only Japanese studio album and the second studio album overall by South Korean girl group 2NE1. It was released on March 28, 2012 in four different editions: CD plus two DVD+Photobook, CD+DVD, CD+Goods (HMV stores only) and a Regular edition.[2]

Regular edition cover
Studio album by
ReleasedMarch 28, 2012
2NE1 chronology
1st Live Concert (Nolza!)
Global Tour New Evolution In Seoul
Singles from Collection
  1. "Go Away"
    Released: November 16, 2011
  2. "Scream"
    Released: March 28, 2012
Professional ratings
Review scores
Rolling Stone Japan3.5/5 stars[1]


The album was released in four different editions:

CD plus two DVD+Photobook edition includes with the album, two DVDs (disc one with Japanese music videos and disc two with a selection of Korean music videos), 24-pages album photobook and a 34-pages special photobook.[3] CD+DVD includes the album, a DVD with Japanese music videos and a 24-pages photobook.[4] CD+Goods includes the album, a face towel and a Logo take out Bag; this version is limited and will be sold only on HMV Japan.[5] The Regular edition includes the album and 24-pages photobook only.[6]


The album will have two singles. The first single is a Japanese version of the song "Go Away". It was released on November 16, 2011 as the group's debut single in Japan. The physical single ranked number 12 in Oricon's Weekly chart.[7]

The song "Scream" served as the album's lead single and was the second overall Japanese single of the group. It released on the same day as the album, on March 28, 2012, in three different editions. The single contains the song "Scream" and the B-side "Fire", which is a Japanese remake of the group's debut song in South Korea, and is also included in the album. The single debuted at number 7 on the Oricon Daily Singles Chart.[8] The song is the first original Japanese song of the group.[9]

Track listingEdit

1."Fire"Teddy, Sunny BoyTeddy3:45
2."Scream"Teddy, Verbal (m-flo)Teddy, Dee.P3:42
3."Go Away"Teddy, Shoko Fujibayashi, Sunny BoyTeddy3:39
4."Follow Me"Teddy, Kenn KatoTeddy3:08
5."I Don't Care"Teddy, E.Knock, Rina Moon, Sunny BoyTeddy, E.Knock4:00
6."I Am the Best"Teddy, 17JTeddy3:31
7."It Hurts"E.Knock, Tatsuji UedaE.Knock, Sunwoo Jeong A4:16
8."Clap Your Hands"E.Knock, Sunny BoyE.Knock3:42
9."Love is Ouch"Masta Wu, Ritsuko Tanifuji, Sunny BoyChoice37, Big Tone3:53
10."Ugly"Teddy, Kenn KatoTeddy, Lydia Paek4:09
11."Like a Virgin" (Madonna cover) (Bonus track))Tom Kelly, Billy Steinberg 4:14
Total length:41:51
Physical album bonus track[2]
11."She's So (Outta Control)" (BFM Remix)m-flo & Minamim-flo & Minami3:45
Total length:46:57
DVD (disc one: Japanese Music videos)[2]
2."I Am the Best" 
4."Hate You" 
6."Go Away" 
DVD (disc two: Korean Music videos)[2]
1."Fire" (Space version) 
2."Fire" (Street version) 
3."I Don't Care" 
4."Follow Me" 
5."Clap Your Hands" 
6."It Hurts" 
7."Can't Nobody" (English version) 
  • Tracks 1-10 are in Japanese. "Like a Virgin" is performed in the original English. "She's So (Outta Control)" is originally a song of the Japanese hip hop duo m-flo, from the album Square One.



Oricon Chart Peak Debut sales Sales total
Daily Albums Chart 4 8,588 40,775
Weekly Albums Chart 5 22,224
Monthly Albums Chart 22 27,404

Release historyEdit

Country Date Format Label
Japan March 28, 2012 Digital download,[10] CD[11] YGEX
Avex Trax


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