Coastline of Australia

The coastline of Australia comprises the coasts of mainland Australia and Tasmania. It nominally includes a part of all Australian states and territories; the otherwise landlocked Australian Capital Territory has a coastal enclave at Jervis Bay Territory.

Satellite photo of Australia
Tallow Beach, Byron Bay, New South Wales

According to The World Factbook, Australia has the sixth longest coastline in the world, at 59,736 kilometres (37,118 mi).[1][2]

Due to the historical context of European discovery and exploration, the coastline has been the first point of contact over 400 years.[3]

In the IBRA bioregionalisation, the coast has 36 coastal bioregions that define the whole coast[4] and there is the more complex Integrated Marine and Coastal Regionalisation of Australia, which includes ecological features that are beyond the shoreline.


For thousands of years, Indigenous Australian clan groups along the coastline have preserved a longstanding maritime tradition in connection of sea country, with the conservation of marine life across large areas of Australia.

In the period of the European maritime exploration of Australia, the Australian coastline was discovered by a group of navigators, including Willem Janszoon, Dirk Hartog, Abel Tasman, Captain James Cook and Matthew Flinders, who went on to become the first in leading the first inshore circumnavigation of Australia and charter much of the coast.

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority promotes the protection of the marine environment and the infrastructure of safety for navigation around the coastline, which maintains a national search and maritime rescue services.

Coastline lengthEdit

Coastline length of Australia[5]
State/territory Mainland
coastline length
Island length Total
coastline length
km mi km mi km mi
Australia 35,877 22,293 23,859 14,825 59,736 37,118
Australian Capital Territory
Jervis Bay Territory 54 34 3 1.9 57 35
New South Wales 2,007 1,247 130 81 2,137 1,328
Northern Territory 5,437 3,378 5,516 3,427 10,953 6,806
Queensland 6,973 4,333 6,374 3,961 13,347 8,293
South Australia 3,816 2,371 1,251 777 5,067 3,148
Tasmania 2,833 1,760 2,049 1,273 4,882 3,034
Victoria 1,868 1,161 644 400 2,512 1,561
Western Australia 12,889 8,009 7,892 4,904 20,781 12,913

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