Coalition for Europe (2009)

Coalition for Europe (Spanish: Coalición por Europa, CEU) was a Spanish electoral list in the European Parliament election in 2009 made up from regionalist parties. It was the successor to the 2004 list Galeusca–Peoples of Europe, but in 2009 did not include the Galician Nationalist Bloc. The list won two seats in the 2009 election, obtaining 5.1% of the vote.

Coalition for Europe

Coalición por Europa
LeaderRamon Tremosa
Preceded byGaleusca–Peoples of Europe
European Coalition (2004)
Succeeded byCoalition for Europe (2014)
Political positionCentre


Party Scope
Convergence and Union (CiU) Catalonia
Basque Nationalist Party (EAJ/PNV) Basque Country, Navarre
Canarian Coalition (CC) Canary Islands
Valencian Nationalist Bloc (Bloc) Valencian Community
Majorcan Union (UM) Balearic Islands
Andalusian Party (PA) Andalusia
Menorcan Union (UMe) Balearic Islands
Democratic Convergence of La Franja (CDF) Aragon

Electoral performanceEdit

European ParliamentEdit

European Parliament
Election Vote % Score Seats +/–
2009 808,246 5.1 3rd
3 / 54