Claudia Islas

Elizabeth Islas Brasdefer (born July 17, 1946 in Pachuca de Soto, Hidalgo, Mexico) is a Mexican telenovela actress[4] who is better known as Claudia Islas (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈklawðja ˈizlas]).[5][6] She is very famous for her beauty and was called "Mexican Brigitte Bardot" in the past.[7] She acted in the last decade of the Golden Age of Mexican cinema.

Claudia Islas
Elizabeth Islas Brasdefer

(1946-07-17) July 17, 1946 (age 75)
Years active1965-2004
Spouse(s)Jaime Bravo[1][2][3]
Parent(s)Luis Roberto Islas
María Luisa Brasdefer


Claudiaʻs surname Islas means "islands". She is a daughter of Luis Roberto Islas and María Luisa Brasdefer. She is married to Jaime Bravo.

One of her best known roles was that of Amparo de Garcés del Valle in Marisol with Erika Buenfil, who played her niece-in-law, Marisol.[8]

As of 2012 she lives in Miami and is retired. Her last work was in the telenovela Ángel Rebelde in 2004.

She sold her jewelry because she fell into poverty.[9]


After the death of Juan Gabriel in 2016, the actress Carmen Salinas revealed that he would have confessed to his son Pedro Plascencia Salinas —who was Juan Gabriel's musician— that Claudia Islas would have been the person who accused him of theft after a party at his house in 1969. The fact caused Juan Gabriel to remain imprisoned for 18 months in the Lecumberri Palace. In life, Juan Gabriel never revealed the name of the person who had accused him. The actress denied the accusations.


Year Title Character Note
1970 La cruz de Marisa Cruces Violeta Main Antagonist
1973 Cartas sin destino Lucía Supporting Role
1974 La tierra Procopia (Propia) Protagonist
1977 Pacto de amor Delia Protagonist
1979 Amor prohibido Magda Protagonist/Main Antagonist
1984 Tú eres mi destino Rebeca de Dávila Protagonist
1988 Pasión y poder Nina Montenegro Main Antagonist
1992 Baila conmigo Nelly Moll Antagonist
1993 Corazón salvaje Sofía Molina Vda. de Alcázar y Valle Main Antagonist
1996 Marisol Amparo de Garcés del Valle Main Antagonist
1997 El alma no tiene color Begoña Roldán Antagonist
1999 Catalina y Sebastián Adela Rivadeneira de Negrete Main Antagonist
2002 Por ti Virginia Montalbán Supporting Role
2004 Ángel Rebelde Doña Enriqueta Andueza Vda. de Covarrubias Antagonist


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