Claudia Gravy

Claudia Gravy (born 12 May 1945) is a Spanish nationalized actress born as Marie-Claude Perin in Boma, Democratic Republic of the Congo when it was the Belgian Congo.

Claudia Gravy
Photo avec ma tante Claudia Gravy (cropped).jpg
Gravy in 2018
Born (1945-05-12) 12 May 1945 (age 75)
Boma, Belgian Congo
Other namesClaudia Gravi


Claudia has lived in Madrid since 1965, when she made her debut in the cinema with Fernando Fernán Gómez's adaption of Miguel Mihura's work, Ninette y un señor de Murica. During the following decade she became a familiar face in Spanish cinema, with roles in dozens of films, including both strictly Spanish films and international co-productions, such as Sweetly You'll Die Through Love (La llamada del sexo, 1977) by Tulio Demicheli.

Since the 1980s her credits have become less frequent, but she continues to appear in supporting roles, including Vicente Aranda's Libertarias (1996) and Carlos Naranja Estrella's film, Dreams in the Middle of the World (1999).[1][2]

In more recent years, she has supplemented her appearances on the big screen with recurring television roles and performances in the theater.[3]

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