Yellow Hair and the Fortress of Gold

Yellow Hair and the Fortress of Gold is a 1984 Spanish western comedy adventure film directed by Matt Cimber and starring Laurene Landon, Cihangir Gaffari and Claudia Gravy.[1] It is also known the alternative title Yellow Hair and the Pecos Kid.

Yellow Hair and the Fortress of Gold
Yellow Hair and the Fortress of Gold.jpg
Directed byMatt Cimber
Produced byCihangir Gaffari
Diego Gómez Sempere
Ken Roberson
José Truchado
Written byMitt Cimber
John Kershaw
StarringLaurene Landon
Ken Roberson
Cihangir Ghaffari
Claudia Gravy
Music byFranco Piersanti
CinematographyJohn Cabrera
Edited byClaudio M. Cutry
CineStar Productions
Distributed byCrown International Pictures
Release date
  • 18 May 1984 (1984-05-18)
Running time
102 minutes

The film was shot on location in Almería, particularly in the Tabernas Desert which often featured in European made westerns. It was made in English and distributed in the United States by Crown International Pictures, a specialist in low-budget action films. It was marketed as being a female version of Indiana Jones, although it more closely resembled a 1940s-style Western serial which its opening credits referenced.[2] Cimber had previously directed Landon in Hundra the year before.


A blonde-haired half Apache woman known as Yellow Hair searches in Mexico for a missing temple filled with gold with assistance of her easy-going sidekick the Pecos Kid. They have to face both Colonel Torres of the Mexican Army, also searching for the gold, and the tribe of Indians who are guarding it.

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