Ciwei (Chinese: 刺猬) is a Chinese automobile manufacturer that specializes in developing electric vehicles. The name translates to "Hedgehog".

Ciwei Auto
Founded2018; 4 years ago (2018)
FounderGong Shaohui[1]


Ciwei was founded in 2018, and is located in Fujian, China. It is a division of Xiamen Sanwu Internet Technology.[2][3] Ciwei was founded with the help of Chery,[4] and they produce vehicles with the help of Karry.[5] Their slogan is "Make every drive a good memory".[6]

The Ciwei Smile was their first vehicle, coming out in 2018. It is based on the Yudo π3,[7][8] and was originally called and shown as the Simai’er. It has 122 horsepower, a range of 360 kilometers, and a top speed of 144 km/h.[9] The Smile has dimensions of 4350 mm/1766 mm/1590 mm, and a wheelbase of 2600 mm.[10]

The Ciwei EV400 is an electric compact crossover MPV based on the Karry K60 EV.[11] It is powered by a 51 kWh battery that weighs 350 kg, and has dimensions of 4618 mm by 1790 mm by 1780 mm, a wheelbase of 2765 mm, and a kerb weight of 1611 kg. It has a charging time of 10 minutes. The EV400 also comes with an AI agent "Little Hedgehog".[12][13][14]


Current ModelsEdit

Bordrin has 2 production vehicles.

Model Photo Specifications
Ciwei EV400  

Body style: 5-door station wagon

Class: MPV (M)

Doors: 5

Seats: 7

Battery: 51 kWh

Production: 2020

Revealed: 2020

Ciwei Smile/Simai’er  

Body style: 5-door hatchback

Class: B-segment Crossover

Doors: 5

Seats: 5

Battery: 80kW

Production: 2018

Revealed: 2018 Beijing Auto Show


In 2020, Ciwei sold 20,000 units and made 3 billion yuan.[citation needed]

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