Chrome Entertainment

Chrome Entertainment is a record label and talent agency founded by Hwang Hyun-chang in 2011, based in Seoul, South Korea. Since 2014, Chrome Entertainment is a label under Sony Music Entertainment.

Chrome Entertainment
Native name
크롬 엔터테인먼트
FoundedSeoul, South Korea (August 2011)
FounderHwang Hyun-chang
Headquarters222-2 kingreon building B1, Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam District, Seoul, South Korea [1]
Key people
Kim Jeong-tae (CEO)
ServicesPublishing records
Entertainment agency


Hwang Hyun-chang, a commercial photographer, was inspired to create a girl group after seeing T-ara's "Roly Poly" on television. Before that, he had never paid attention to pop idols and only listened to classical music.[2] After an initial investment of 10 million won, he converted his photography studio, Chrome Creative, into Chrome Entertainment. To finance this venture, Hwang sold his camera gear, used up all his savings, and went into debt. He later said, "If I had known how much it would cost, I would never have done it."[3]

The first group that Chrome Entertainment formed and managed was Crayon Pop, who debuted in July 2012. After the success of Crayon Pop's "Bar Bar Bar", which earned the company US$2 million, Chrome was able to debut more groups.[4] Boy band K-Much debuted in January 2014,[5] and two more groups debuted in June 2014: girl group Bob Girls and male duo Zan Zan (Hangul: 짠짠).[6][7] On 2 December 2014, male trot singer Her Min-young signed a contract with Chrome Entertainment.[8] On February 24, 2015, it was announced that Bob Girls had disbanded.[9] Later that year, Zan Zan and Her Min-young left the agency.[10]

In 2016, Chrome Entertainment had major changes in management, with founder Hwang Hyun-chang leaving the agency. Kim Jeong-tae replaced him as CEO.[11]

Partnership with Sony MusicEdit

On 13 August 2013, Chrome Entertainment signed a strategic partnership contract with Sony Music Entertainment, which gave Sony international distribution rights to Chrome's music and albums.[12][13] On 7 July 2014, Chrome Entertainment signed a label contract which made Chrome an independent label under Sony Music Entertainment. With this new contract, Chrome has the ability to distribute music from other agencies.[14] In August 2014, it was reported that K-pop trio Lip Service had signed a contract with Chrome Entertainment.[15] The company was subsequently credited under "manufacture" (as Chrome Entertainment Sony Music) on Lip Service's single album, Upgrade, released 20 August 2014.


Chrome Entertainment has held several concerts for their artists. The first such concert was on 21 June 2014, called Chrome Happy Concert in Cheongju.[16] On 4 October, the First Chrome Family in Japan Concert was held in Shinagawa, Tokyo. On 3 December, Chrome Family released a single album, 2014 Chrome Family – A Very Special Christmas, with the single "Love Christmas".[17]


Recording artistsEdit

  • Be.A (Mix9 contestant)
  • Bz-Boys


  • Cho Hyung-joon
  • Lee Geun-hwa
  • Lee Ho-suck

Former artistsEdit


Title Artist Released Type Distributor
Crayon Pop 1st Mini Album Crayon Pop 18 July 2012 EP CJ E&M Music (2012–2013)
Sony Music (2013–present)
"Dancing Queen" 24 October 2012 Single
"Bar Bar Bar" 20 June 2013
The Streets Go Disco 26 September 2013 EP Sony Music
"Lonely Christmas" 26 November 2013 Single
Beyond the Ocean K-Much 7 January 2014 EP
"Hero" Crayon Pop
(with Kim Jang-hoon)
3 February 2014 Single
"What Should I Do" (Remix) K-Much 17 February 2014
"Uh-ee" Crayon Pop 1 April 2014
The 1st Single Album Bob Girls 10 June 2014
"Chicken Feet" (닭발) Zan Zan 16 June 2014
"Hey Mister" (Trot Lovers OST Part 1) Crayon Pop 20 June 2014
Summer Repackage Bob Girls 31 July 2014
"C'mon C'mon" (High School: Love On OST Part 5) Crayon Pop 26 September 2014 LOEN Entertainment
The 1st Mini Album Strawberry Milk 15 October 2014 EP Sony Music
Pop! Pop! Pop! Crayon Pop 19 November 2014 Pony Canyon
2014 Chrome Family – A Very Special Christmas Chrome Family 3 December 2014 Single Sony Music
"Y-Shirt" Soyul 12 January 2015 LOEN Entertainment
"December 24" K-Much 17 February 2015 Sony Music
"On the Hook" 6 March 2015
FM Crayon Pop 27 March 2015 EP
The 1st Single Album Her Min-young 7 April 2015 Single
Zan Zan 2nd Single Album Zan Zan 25 June 2015
Crayon Pop Crayon Pop 20 January 2016 Studio album Pony Canyon
Evolution Pop Vol. 1 26 September 2016 Sony Music


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