Choi Bae-geun

Choi Bae-geun (Korean: 최배근, born 12 April 1959) is a South Korean economist, educator and politician who served as the President of the Platform Party, along with Woo Hee-jong.

Choi Bae-geun
Choi Bae-geun.png
President of the Platform Party
In office
8 March 2020 – 16 April 2020
Serving with Woo Hee-jong
Preceded byPosition established
Succeeded byVacant
Personal details
Born (1959-04-12) 12 April 1959 (age 62)
Seoul, South Korea
CitizenshipSouth Korean
Political partyDemocratic
Other political
Our Future (-2020)
Platform (2020)
Alma materKonkuk University
University of Georgia
OccupationEducator, economist, politician


He studied economics at Konkuk University and University of Georgia.[1] He has been lecturing at Konkuk University since 1990.[1] He has been involved in various organisations, including People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy, Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation and so on.[1] In 2004, he was briefly a columnist of Hankyoreh.[1]

In 2007, he became one of the co-Presidents of the Onward Korea,[1] a political organisation that never became an official political party. He later joined the Our Future (now Future Party) but quit later. In 2020, he founded a new political party, named the For the Citizens (soon renamed as Platform Party),[2] along with Woo Hee-jong.[3] He resigned on 16 April,[4] whereas Woo remained till the party was merged into the Democratic Party on 13 May.


Choi is very critical towards the economic policies of the Moon Jae-in cabinet.[5][6] In December 2018, he cited that Moon, who called himself as a "pro-labour" was forwarding a failed labour reforms.[5][6] As an example, he added Moon's original manifesto to increase the minimum wage was not fulfilled.[5] He also denounced that Moon's policies were more right-wing than Lee Myung-bak and Park Geun-hye due to the several projects i.e. privatisation.[5][6]

In 2019, he harshly criticised Japan under Shinzo Abe, citing that Shinzo wants to establish a pro-Japan government in South Korea.[7]


In 2019, Choi joined protests supporting Cho Kuk as the Minister of Justice, shortly after the minister had resigned following the controversies.[8][9] Choi then shouted in front of people, "Dear Cho Kuk, you're our eternal Justice Minister!"[8] Shortly before this, he condemned the prosecutor and anti-government medias for infringing the former Justice Minister, like what they had done to the ex-President Roh Moo-hyun 10 years ago.[9] When Choi founded the Platform Party, Kim Jin-tae, a United Future MP denounced the party as a "pro-Cho Kuk party", citing a Choi's remarks (calling the ex-Minister as the "eternal") in October 2019.[10]


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