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China Energine International (Holdings) Limited known as China Energine is a Cayman Islands-incorporated holding company based in Hong Kong. The controlling shareholder was Chinese state-owned mega-conglomerate China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC). The company was formerly known as CASIL Telecommunications Holdings Limited; CASIL was an acronym of China Aerospace International Holdings Limited, a listed subsidiary of CASC.

China Energine International (Holdings)
CASIL Telecommunications Holdings
Traded asSEHK1185
Productswind power plant
Serviceselectricity supply
  • Chinese Government
  • (via SASC)
Astrotech Group(direct)
The SASAC(intermediate)
The State Council(ultimate)
  • Castel
China Energine International (Holdings) Limited
Traditional Chinese中國航天萬源國際(集團)有限公司
Literal meaningChina Aerospace 10,000 Source International (Group) Co., Ltd.
China Energine
Traditional Chinese中國航天萬源
Literal meaningChina Aerospace 10,000 Source
Second alternative Chinese name
Traditional Chinese萬源國際
Literal meaning10,000 Source International

Both China Energine and CASIL were red chip companies.[1] China Energine became a listed company on 11 August 1997.[1] On 30 June 2016, it had a market capitalization of HK$2.752 billion.[1]


CASIL Telecommunications Holdings Limited (Chinese: 航天科技通訊有限公司, "CASIL Telecom" or "Castel" in short) was spin-off from China Aerospace International Holdings Limited (CASIL) in 1997. CASIL was a subsidiary of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC). As of 31 December 2007, CASC, via a BVI company "Astrotech Group Limited", a subsidiary China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology, owned 73.10% shares.[2] In 2008, the wind power business was injected to the listed company, as well as renaming the company to China Energine International (Holdings) Limited. The brand Castel was retained by the Hong Kong-incorporated subsidiary "China Aerospace Telecommunications Limited" (Chinese: 中國航天科技通信有限公司).

The company had caused a controversy by not removing Au-yeung Keung as the company secretary (a position in a listed company that was regulated) in 2016, despite his accountancy registration has been suspended for three years in 2016.[3]


The English name, Energine, was a phase that combined energy and engine; the Chinese name (Chinese: 萬源), combined the Chinese character 10,000 (Chinese: ) and [energy] source (Chinese: ).

The slogan of the company was "from engine to new energy".[4]


As of 31 December 2016, China Energine major shareholder was Astrotech Group Limited for 60.64%, which was a subsidiary of China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology, in turn a wholly owned subsidiary of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, in turn a wholly owned subsidiary of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. As the company was incorporated outside mainland China but controlled by the Chinese Government, the company is a red chip company.[1]

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