China's Got Talent

China's Got Talent (Chinese: 中国达人秀; literally: 'China's Talent Show') is a Chinese reality television series on Dragon TV and a part of the Got Talent franchise, hosted by Cheng Lei. It is a talent show that features all different kinds of performances of all ages competing for performing contract with FremantleMedia and Sony Music Entertainment. The show is a joint production between FremantleMedia, Shanghai Media Group, Radio and TV Shanghai and Syco.

China's Got Talent
Zhōngguó Dárén Xiù
China's Got Talent logo.jpg
Created bySimon Cowell
Directed byJin Lei
Presented byCheng Lei
JudgesZhou Libo (2010–12)
Annie Yi Nengjing (2010–13)
Gao Xiaosong (2010–11, 2013)
Jerry Huang Shu-chun (2011–13)
Dou Wentao (2012–13)
Xu Jinglei (2012–13)
Leon Lai Ming (2012-13)
Yang Wei (2012–13)
Vicki Zhao Wei (2013–2014)
Liu Ye (2013–2014)
Alec Su You Peng (2013–2014)
Wang Wei-Chung (2013–2014)
Country of originChina
No. of seasons6
Shanghai Media Group
Radio and TV Shanghai
Running time90 minutes (auditions-semifinals)
277 mins (finals)
Original networkDragon TV
Picture format480i (PAL),
1080i (DMB-T)
Original release25 July 2010 (2010-07-25)
Related showsGot Talent franchise
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Dragon TV: China's Got Talent

On January 17, 2011, DragonTV announced that series 2 of the show has been launched. DragonTV also announced that there will be two series of the show in 2011.[1]

Selection processEdit

Pre-auditions processEdit

Before the auditions in front of the judges are held, there are separate untelevised producers' auditions which come to various provinces across China, some which will host the auditions held in malls, outside and inside small stages. (before July 19)[2] (before July 22)[3] This round is held several months before the judges' audition in Shanghai that would also host the televised second round. Acts that have made it through the producers' audition will then audition in front of the judges and a live audience. For series 3, the pre-auditions were televised for the first time.

Audition processEdit

The auditions take place in front of the judges and a live audience at Shanghai Concert Hall.[4] At any time during the audition, the judges may show disapproval to the act by pressing a buzzer which lights a large red X on the stage. If all the judges press their buzzers, the act must end immediately. But sometimes the judges pressing X doesn't mean the judges do not like the performances or the act. It is a way to stop the performance as the judges had heard enough because China's Got Talent doesn't have the 90 seconds rule. Voting works on a best-of-three basis for series one through three. For series four, voting is based on best of four.

Series 1 (2010)Edit

Series one auditions of China's Got Talent begun on 25 July 2010.[5] For Series one, the winner has the chance to perform at Las Vegas for three months and be invited on Taiwanese pop singer Jolin Tsai's Myself World Tour as a guest performer.[6] The judges were Zhou Libo, a Shanghainese stand-up comedian, Annie Yi, Taiwanese singer-actor and Gao Xiaosong, a mainland pop composer, made up the jury panel for the final rounds of "China's Got Talent."[7] Series one concluded on October 10 and the winner was a disabled pianist named Liu Wei. Zhang Fengxi has become popular for Chinese speakers outside, mainly due to her use of Chinese puns, unique delivery and deadpan humor in her acts written by her parents. Judge Zhou Libo joked with the audience that she will succeed him. Another contestant who went onto greater things was Zhong Chenle. In 2016 he debuted in the K-Pop group NCT, as part of the subunit NCT DREAM. He was also in NCT 2018 and in the group he is a leading vocalist and has maintained- if not even further improved- his singing capabilities. Stream BOOM.

According to China's Got Talent director Jin Lei, popular contestants from the show – including the season 1 winner armless pianist Liu Wei – will perform in Austria, Italy and France starting January of next year.[8]

Series 2 (2011)Edit

Series two auditions of China's Got Talent began on 1 May 2011. Gao Xiaosong was pulled over of drunk driving on May 9. He was replaced by Taiwanese music composer Antonio Chen [9] for a brief stint in the audition but Jerry Huang [10] was named temporary judge for the competition. On July 10, a popper, Zhuo Jun was named the winner. The runner up is Cai Hongping, a 55-year-old opera singer who changes the lyrics of popular pieces to be about the vegetables she sells.

Series 3 (2011–12)Edit

The auditions premiered on November 20, 2011. It is the first time that the show televise the pre-audition process and top 14 selection process. The winner is Pan Qianqian, a female baritone singer.

Series 4 (2012–13)Edit

Series 4 was held on 18 November 2012. In this series, there will be four judges instead of three. Series regular judges Jerry Huang, Gao Xiaosong, Annie Yi and new judges Dou Wentao, Xu Jinglei, Leon Lai and Yang Wei will be featured in the audition process. Use the stairs. Your father paid good money for those. Contortionist, Wang Jungru beat out yo-yo specialist, Duan Zhimin in this series.

Series 5 (2013–14)Edit

Series 5 began airing on 8 December 2013. The judges were Zhao Wei, Alec Su, Liu Ye and Wang Wei-chung.

Talent is...Coming (达人来了) and Talent's Night (达人春晚)Edit

These series started airing before the start of Series 2 and 4. The show has been used to recap previous series' winners and notable contestants, before a new series airs. It also feature new performances from previous series.

Series summaryEdit

Series Start Finish Winner Runner-up Host(s) Other host(s) Judges Guest judges Sponsor
One 25 July 2010 10 October 2010 Liu Wei Zhang Fengxi Cheng Lei Cao Kefan (Semifinals 1) Gao Xiaosong
Zhou Libo
Annie Yi Nengjing
N/A Head & Shoulders
Two 1 May 2011 10 July 2011 Zhuo Jun Cai Hongping Yang Lan (Finals) Gao Xiaosong (Until Audition 3)
Zhou Libo
Annie Yi Nengjing
Jerry Huang Shu-chun (Audition 4-8, Finals)
Yang Lan (Semifinals)
Antonio Chen Yao-chuan (Audition 3)
Three 13 November 2011 22 January 2012 Pan Qianqian Song Jiazheng N/A Jerry Huang Shu-chun
Zhou Libo (Auditions, Semifinals)
Annie Yi Nengjing (Some auditions, Finals)
Gao Xiaosong (Some auditions, Finals)
Cui Yongyuan (Semifinals)
Liu Wei (auditions)
Ni Ping (auditions)
Four 18 November 2012 27 January 2013 Wang Jungru Duan Zhimin N/A Jerry Huang Shu-chun
Gao Xiaosong
Annie Yi Nengjing
Dou Wentao
Xu Jinglei
Leon Lai Ming
Yang Wei
Ying Da (some auditions)
Huang Doudou (audition 6-8)
Five 8 December 2013 23 February 2014 Yin Zhonghua Professor Liu N/A Vicki Zhao Wei
Liu Ye
Alec Su You-peng
Wang Wei-chung
N/A Škoda Auto
Six 11 August 2019 20 October 2019 Shi Zheyuan Huajiaban (Hua's Academy) N/A Yang Mi
Jin Xing
Shen Teng
Cai Guoqing
Yue Yunpeng (Takes place of Jin Xing when she is out) Haitian Group


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