Chin Han (actor, born 1938)

Ronald Bi Jen-hsu (born 4 December[1] 1938[2]), known by his stage name Chin Han, is a retired Hong Kong actor, director, screenwriter and producer born in mainland China. He has appeared in over 50 Mandarin-language films in Hong Kong and Taiwan, many of them produced by the Shaw Brothers Studio in the 1960s and the 1970s.

Chin Han
Pi Jen-hsu ()
Bì Rénxù (pinyin)
Bat1 Jan3-zeoi6 (jyutping)

(1938-12-04) 4 December 1938 (age 81)
Other namesKing Han
Kam Hon
Kien Han
Ronald Bi
Occupationactor, director, writer, producer
Years active1963–1983
Spouse(s)Ivy Ling Po (married 1966)
ChildrenKenneth Bi (born 1967)
Daniel Bi (born 1974)
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese

Personal lifeEdit

Born in Weihai,[3] Republic of China, Pi Jen-hsu moved to Hong Kong as a small child during the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong.[4] After finishing from New Method College, his first career was in a hong. In 1961, he entered Shaw Brothers Studio, working as a script supervisor for director Yueh Feng. In 1964, he rose to fame when Yueh Feng cast him in a major Huangmei opera film Lady General Hua Mu-lan, opposite superstar Ivy Ling Po.[2]

In 1966, Chin Han married Ivy Ling Po. They moved to Taiwan in 1973 where they continued to work in the film industry[2] until immigrating to Canada in the late 1980s. After retirement, they made guest appearances in their son Kenneth Bi's directorial debut Rice Rhapsody (2004).[3]



As actor
Year Title Role Notes
1963 Revenge of a Swordswoman (原野奇俠傳) Han Dahai
The Love Eterne (梁山伯與祝英台) extra, opera film
1964 Between Tears and Smiles (故都春夢) street stunt performer extra
Lady General Hua Mu-lan (花木蘭) Li Guang opera film
The Female Prince (雙鳳奇緣) Li Rulong opera film
The Warlord and the Actress (血濺牡丹紅) Lin Keqiang
1965 Sons of Good Earth (大地兒女) university student extra
Hong Kong, Manila, Singapore (心花朵朵開) Lawyer Fan
1966 The Blue and the Black (藍與黑) Ho Meng 2-part film series
The Joy of Spring (歡樂青春) Tu Shao-hua
1967 The Dragon Creek (龍虎溝) Guo Jianming
The Midnight Murder (三更寃) Wang Zhengtu opera film
My Dream Boat () Chi Yuan
Song of Tomorrow (明日之歌) Yu Ming
1968 Summer Heat (狂戀詩) Chu Ta-wei
1969 Diary of a Lady-Killer (獵人) Chou Kuo-hsiung
River of Tears (相思河畔) Feng Chi-wei
1970 Brothers Five (五虎屠龍) Gao Hao
The Heroic Ones (十三太保) Li Siyuan
Guess Who Killed My Twelve Lovers? (噴火美人魚) Chen Ta-kang
1971 Long Road to Freedom (五枝紅杏) Lin Chung
The Swift Knight (來如風) Liu Xuanping
Sons and Daughters (千萬人家)
Duel for Gold (火併) Meng Long
1972 The Killer (大殺手) Ma Yi
The Champion of Champions (大地龍蛇) Jiang Hanyun
Finger of Doom (太陰指) Lu Tianbao
Trilogy of Swordsmanship (群英會) Li Jingrang Segment 2: "The Tigress" (胭脂虎)
1973 The Champion (豪客) Lu Fu
Woman of the Night (夜生活的女人) Su Po-hsuan Segment 1 (anthology film)
The Boxers (虎豹兄弟)
1974 Crazy Nuts of Kung Fu (鬼馬兩金剛)
Thirteen (早熟) Lu Tao-jan
The Two Faces of Love (小孩與狗)
Sergeant Hsiung (大摩天嶺) Hsiung Chi-lao
Green Green Meadow (青青草原上) Fang Chen-huai
1975 Eight Hundred Heroes (八百壯士) Shangkuan Chih-piao
The Chinese Amazons (女兵日記)
1976 Crossroad (十字路口) Ho Wen-chang also director, writer, producer
April Melody (四月的旋律)
The Last Battle of Yang Chao (大忠烈) Shi Kefa
1977 The Prominent Eunuch Chen Ho (鄭和下西洋) Zhu Di
Heroes of the Eastern Skies (筧橋英烈傳) Liu Cuigang
1979 The Battle of Ku-ning-tou (古寧頭大戰) Hu Lien
1980 Magnificent 72 (碧血黃花) Huang Keqiang
1981 A Sword Named Revenge (名劍風流) Ji Wuqing
Heroes from the Sky (天降神兵) guest star
The Thrilling Sword (神劍動山河) King Gaoxing
The Coldest Winter in Peking (皇天后土) Commander Qiu guest star
1983 The Longest Night (最長的一夜) army commander guest star
The Lost Generation (風水二十年) casino debt collector guest star
1987 Master Hui Neng (六祖慧能傳) Emperor Wu of Liang guest star
2004 Rice Rhapsody (海南鸡饭) Bill's grandpa guest star
As director
  • 1965: Three Beautiful Blind Female Spies (艷諜三盲女)
  • 1966: Three Beautiful Blind Female Spies 2 (盲女地下司令)
  • 1966: Three Beautiful Blind Female Spies 3 (盲女大逃亡)
  • 1966: The In-law Marriage (親姆娶親家)
  • 1967: The Other Day's Typhoon (颱風雨彼日)
  • 1976: Crossroad (十字路口) – also actor, writer and producer
  • 1978: Dream of the Red Chamber (新紅樓夢) – also writer (opera film)
  • 1980: The Imperious Princess (金枝玉葉) – also co-producer (opera film)
As writer
  • 1967: The Three Desperate Drunks (賭命三醉客)
  • 1976: Crossroad (十字路口) – also actor, director and producer
  • 1978: Dream of the Red Chamber (新紅樓夢) – also writer (opera film)
As producer
  • 1976: Crossroad (十字路口) – also actor, director and writer
  • 1980: The Imperious Princess (金枝玉葉) – also director (opera film)

Television seriesEdit

Year Title Role Notes
1981 Our Land, Our People (吾土吾民) Zuo Baogui
1986 The Legend of Imperial Consort Yang (楊貴妃傳奇) Li Longji


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