Chika Chika Chicks

Chicks to Chicks is a Philippine television sitcom that aired on IBC[3] from 1979 to 1987[4] and ABS-CBN (retitled as Chika Chika Chicks)[3][4] from 1987 to 1991.[3] The sitcom is about a married couple who lived with a bevy of stunning and sexy models in their house as boarders. It chronicled the day-to-day activities of a middle-class family with their dreams, ambitions and values. The sitcom is best known for inventing the Filipino term manyakis (manyak sa kiss, Filipino slang for "kissing maniac") by Chito Arceo's character, Chiqui.[3]

Chika Chika Chicks
Also known asChicks to Chicks (1979–1987)
Written byIpe Pelino[1]
Directed byAding Fernando[2]
Johnny Manahan[1]
StarringFreddie Webb
Nova Villa
Theme music composerBiddu Orchestra[3]
Opening theme"Chic Chica Chic Chica Chic" by Biddu Orchestra[3]
Country of originPhilippines
Original languageFilipino
EditorOscar B. Parto
Original network
Picture formatNTSC
Original release1979 (1979) –
1991 (1991)


Chicks to Chicks:

Chika Chika Chicks:


The ABS-CBN era series Chika Chika Chicks was first re-aired through Kapamilya Channel (now ABS-CBN Sports And Action) from 2007 to 2009 and currently on Jeepney TV.[1][5]

The IBC era series Chicks to Chicks will be re-aired on IBC 13 in 2019.[6] However, there is no showing of the IBC-13 episodes as of 2020.

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