Chieko Baisho (倍賞 千恵子, Baishō Chieko, born June 29, 1941) is a Japanese actress and singer.[1][2]

Chieko Baisho
倍賞 千恵子
Chieko Baishō at the Tokyo International Film Festival 2019 (49013476248) (cropped).jpg
Chieko Baisho in 2019
Born (1941-06-29) June 29, 1941 (age 78)
OccupationActress, singer, voice actress
Years active1961–present
Spouse(s)Reijirō Koroku (Q4678162)
Japanese name
Kanji倍賞 千恵子
Hiraganaばいしょう ちえこ

In Japan, she is well known for her performance as Sakura in the Otoko wa Tsurai yo series from 1969 until 1995.[2] In addition, she has acted in many films directed by Yōji Yamada since the 1960s. She won the award for best actress at the 5th Hochi Film Award for A Distant Cry from Spring.[3]

Voice actingEdit

She sometimes performs as a voice actress, such as "Sophie" in Howl's Moving Castle in 2004. Although different voice actresses usually played young and old Sophie in the foreign dubs of the film, Baisho performed both roles alone, as well as the movie's theme song.[2]

Singing careerEdit

She has had a career as a singer since her debut with the song "Shitamachi no Taiyō" in 1962, for which she won the "newcomer award" of the Japan Record Award.[1][2] Her 1965 single, "Sayonara wa dance atoni", a cha-cha ballad, later had its melody inspire the 1992 song "Moonlight Densetsu", the theme song for the first four series of Sailor Moon. A cover by Mariko Takahashi would later appear in another Ghibli film, Only Yesterday.[4]


She is the older sister of Mitsuko Baisho, who is also an actress.[5]

She is married to the Japanese composer Reijiro Koroku [Wikidata].[6]


Chieko Baisho in 1962
Year Film Role Director(s)
1965 Kiri no Hata Yoji Yamada
1969–2019 Otoko wa Tsurai yo series Sakura Suwa Yoji Yamada
1970 Where Spring Comes Late Tamiko Kazami Yoji Yamada
1977 The Yellow Handkerchief Mitsue Shima Yoji Yamada
1980 A Distant Cry from Spring Tamiko Kazami Yoji Yamada
1981 Station Kiriko Michio Yasuo Furuhata
Mobile Suit Gundam - Movie I Kamaria Ray (voice) Ryōji Fujiwara
1986 Final Take Yuki Yoji Yamada
1988 Hope and Pain Tamiko Shima Yoji Yamada
1997 Jungle Emperor Leo Lyre (voice) Yoshio Takeuchi
2004 Howl's Moving Castle Sophie (voice) Hayao Miyazaki
The Hidden Blade Mrs. Katagiri Yoji Yamada
2008 Kabei: Our Mother Adult Hatsuko Yoji Yamada
2010 Zatoichi: The Last Mitsu Junji Sakamoto
2013 Tokyo Newcomer Kimie Igarashi Qingmin Jiang
It All Began When I Met You Kotoko Oshima Katsuhide Motoki
2014 The Little House Yoji Yamada
2019 Dad, Chibi is Gone Shōtarō Kobayashi
Weathering with You Tomi Tachibana (voice) Makoto Shinkai



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