Chief of Army Staff (Bangladesh)

Chief of Army Staff (abbreviated as CAS) (Bengali: সেনাবাহিনী প্রধান, romanizedSenabahini Prodhan) of Bangladesh Army, also known as Army Chief is the highest-ranking officer of the Bangladesh Army.[1][2] The Chief of Army staff has been a four-star rank since 1997. Maj. Gen. M. A. Rab was the Chief of Staff of the Mukti Bahini which served as the origins of Bangladesh Army.[3] Bangladesh Army was officially formed in 1972 and Maj. Gen. K. M. Shafiullah become the first Chief of Army Staff. The current Chief of Army Staff is Gen. Aziz Ahmed[4]

Chief of the Staff
সেনাবাহিনী প্রধান
Flag of General of Bangladesh Army.png
Flag of Chief of Army Staff
Army Chief Bangladesh General Aziz Ahmed SBP, BSP, BGBM, PBGM, BGBMS, psc, G.jpg
General Aziz Ahmed, SBP, BSP, BGBM, PBGM, BGBMS, psc, G

since 25 June 2018
 Bangladesh Army
SeatArmy Headquarters, Dhaka
AppointerPrime Minister
Term length3 years, or at the age of 60, whichever is earlier.
PrecursorCommander-in-Chief of the Bangladesh Forces
Formation12 April 1971; 50 years ago (1971-04-12)
First holderMajor General K. M. Shafiullah

The Chief of Army Staff functions from the Army Headquarters, which is located in the Dhaka Cantonment.[5]


The Bangladesh Army traced its roots back to the East Bengal Regiment composed solely of youths from East Bengal, would be East Pakistan. However, on 25 March 1971, Pakistan Armed Forces led a militant crackdown on the Bengali civilians through Operation Searchlight and Sheikh Mujibur Rahman declared the independence of Bangladesh. As a result, in March 1971, many Bengali soldiers in the Pakistan Army revolted and joined the guerilla movement, Mukti Bahini also known as Bangladesh Forces. Colonel Mohd. Ataul Goni Osmani served as the Commander-in-Chief and Major General Mohd. Abdur Rab as the Chief of Staff.[3]

Bangladesh Army came into being officially in January, 1972. In April, Prime Minister Sheikh Mujibur Rahman then decided to change the commanding posts of the three services which was combined and commanded by General M. A. G. Osmani. On 7 April, Maj. Gen. K M Shafiullah, was made the chief of army staff.[6][7]

Chief of Army Staff's rank was upgraded to lieutenant-general in 1978 and then to four star general in 2007.[8][9]

List of Chiefs of Army staffEdit

No. Picture Chief of Army staff Took office Left office Time in office Unit of Commission
1Shafiullah, KaziMajor general
Kazi Muhammad Shafiullah Bir Uttom, psc
(born 1934)
30 April 197219 August 19753 years, 140 daysEast Bengal Regiment
2Rahman, ZiaurMajor general
Ziaur Rahman Bir Uttom, psc
25 August 19753 November 19752 years, 247 daysEast Bengal Regiment
3Mosharraf, KhaledMajor general
Khaled Mosharraf Bir Uttom, psc
3 November 19757 November 1975 †4 daysEast Bengal Regiment
(2)Rahman, ZiaurLieutenant general
Ziaur Rahman Bir Uttom, psc
7 November 197528 April 19782 years, 172 daysEast Bengal Regiment
4Ershad, Hussain MohammadLieutenant general
Hussain Mohammad Ershad ndc, psc
29 April 197830 August 19868 years, 123 daysEast Bengal Regiment
5Ershad, Hussain MohammadLieutenant general
Atiqur Rahman G+
(born 1931)
31 August 198630 August 19903 years, 364 daysRegiment of Artillery
6Khan, NuruddinLieutenant general
Nuruddin Khan psc
31 August 199030 August 19943 years, 364 daysCorps of Engineers
7Nasim, Abu SalehLieutenant general
Abu Saleh Mohammad Nasim Bir Bikrom, psc
(born 1946)
31 August 199419 May 19961 year, 262 daysEast Bengal Regiment
8Rahman, MuhammadLieutenant general
Muhammad Mahbubur Rahman psc
27 May 199623 December 19971 year, 217 daysCorps of Engineers
9Rahman, MustafizurLieutenant general
Mustafizur Rahman Bir Bikrom, ndc, psc, C
24 December 199723 December 20002 years, 365 daysCorps of Engineers
10Harun, MLieutenant general
Mohammed Harun-Ar-Rashid Bir Protik, rcds, psc
24 December 200015 June 20021 year, 173 daysEast Bengal Regiment
11Chowdhury, HasanLieutenant general
Hasan Mashhud Chowdhury awc, psc
(born 1948)
16 June 200215 June 20052 years, 364 daysFrontier Force Regiment
12Ahmed, MoeenGeneral
Moeen Uddin Ahmed ndc, psc
(born 1953)
16 June 200515 June 20093 years, 364 daysEast Bengal Regiment
13Ahmed, MoeenGeneral
Mohammed Abdul Mubeen ndc, psc
(born 1955)
16 June 200925 June 20123 years, 9 daysEast Bengal Regiment
14Bhuiyan, IqbalGeneral
Iqbal Karim Bhuiyan psc
(born 1955)
26 June 201225 June 20152 years, 364 daysEast Bengal Regiment
15Huq, ShafiulGeneral
Abu Belal Muhammad Shafiul Haq ndc, psc
(born 1958)
26 June 201525 June 20182 years, 364 daysArmoured Corps
16Ahmed, AzizGeneral
Aziz Ahmed SBP, BSP, BGBM, PBGM, BGBMS, psc, G
(born 1961)
26 June 2018Incumbent2 years, 360 daysRegiment of Artillery

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